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Live from the T.H.E. (The High End) Room

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Hey guys, have my laptop set up with net in the high end room. It's pretty sick right now as I'm sure you've seen from the pics of neilvg's set up. So far we have his Tri-Orpheus set up with his HE60/Woodied HE60, 2 HEV90s (One neilvg's one Tyll's). Neilvg's Esoteric DV50 and his EMM Labs DCC/CDSD SE w/Aural Symphonics.

My Qualias/Rudistor RP010 and Monarchy M24.

ast's L3000s/SA5000 and agile_one is setting his stuff right now... all I recognize at the moment is the Yamamoto HA-02.

(Other cans include single end HD650s, single ended W5000s and Neil's balanced HD650s? Possibly 600s.)

Edit: Add agile_one's Denon AH-D5000, HP-2 and Apogee mini DAC
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More info, please, more info... Live video would be better , but some words will be enough.
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Live video with HD-cam in 720/1080p preferably.

Did neilvg's ES-1 make it there with Mikhail?
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Not yet on neil's amp. He's hunting down Mikhail right now. Someone said that they are at Mikhail's room now... so perhaps an unveiling soon. I just saw Sleestack's amp and its a beast... a beautiful beast
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Wow sounds exciting...maybe someone to post photos as they are taken would be great
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Do please let us know how those Denons hold up against the others.
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Yeah no one on hand with a camera else we'd get some photos going. Some guy came by earlier and took pictures for a magazine. The Denons only have 20 hrs on them so far so people are saying they sound cramped/highs are a bit harsh.
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Looks like the consensus is heading towards the Denon's sounding like baby L3000s, something with JVCs have been called... Well Skylab already did JVC vs Denons so take that as you will.
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If there's room for me, the Edition 9's will get added to the fold soon this afternoon...

Oh, and I'm bringing my camera for sure.
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Yeah man plenty of room still... the room isn't packed at all at most we've had like is like 10 people in here at a time. No line, nothing and table space is available. L3000s have currently relocated to the main room (Ast wanted to try them with the new Ray Sammuels Apache).
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I was in the high end room. I had the opportunity to hold 3 HE90's at once!
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