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Drooling all over the 3's! wish I was there! hopefully, if you guys could plan a meet in the DC area next year that would be awesome.
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Whoa, it's going to be amazing today. I got a little bit of jetlag yesterday but meeting with all this head-fier is a lot of fun. Many friendly geeky people . I missed the 1st head-fest in NY but I've promised myself not to miss this one and I'm glad I'm here. I should have just booked at the hotel instead of staying at my friend's place. So, I'll see you guys in 2-3 hours.
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REQUEST from the Peanut Gallery

Can someone PLEASE take some more pics of the new Ray Samuels solid state brute in better lighting (and please post more details)? The others are somewhat hard to see. Also, if you can get Ray to open it up so we can all see the insides...

Pretty please...
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Originally Posted by Wmcmanus View Post
I'm told that I look a little bit like Denzel Washington, only not so tall, dark, handsome, slim, young, muscular, talented, wealthy, or even uh, interesting.
Whoa, I need to get my eyes checked when I met you yesterday I blame the Jetlag for it
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oh wow, this is going to be awesome. I just might have to come early . I'm hoping to find someone there who can help me w/ the soldering my x-fi mod (anyone? I have all the parts :P).
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I just got all my stuff ready (camera, train route to San Jose, food). Then I forgot my bus/train route. Given how much time it takes to get there and back from where I live, it's not worth it any more. I really wish I could have gone, but...

Is that screwed or what? You guys had better post good reactions.
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^Where do you live? Maybe someone can give you a ride back or something.
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Originally Posted by p0wderh0und23 View Post
Just a few more hours until she is seen.....

Is that a westone U3 hidden under 4 pounds of wire?
Cmon, show us some big pictures of the headphones themselves .
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That Apache looks amazing!Anyone has any impressions yet?
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ARGHHH! Stuck in the airport in Portland and my flight doesn't leave for another hour.

At least they have free Wi-Fi here. Thanks PDX!
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Everything looks like it is going to be a great meet. I wish I could be there.

All the new amps, headphones, looks like some great times and great listening.

Hope everyone enjoys themselves and gives us some impressions
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If Jack Wu sets up the Woo GES amp, please sample it with Stax and HE90 headphones. It's the first Woo stat designed for HE90's, and I'm really anxious to read comments regarding its performance.
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Man it looks great, all that gear and so little money to sample it! Look forward to some impressions on EVERYTHING!
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Flickr tag headfest2007

As opportunity permits, I'll be uploading to Flickr, and tagging my photos headfest2007. I encourage other uploaders to use that tag as well.

Originally Posted by markl View Post
Can someone PLEASE take some more pics of the new Ray Samuels solid state brute in better lighting.
Absolutely! I will do my best to get some good shots.
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Absolutely! I will do my best to get some good shots.
Thank you. Need to see the rear as well, and please ask Ray when he expects it will start shipping. Cheers.

EDIT: Also need to know if it's chiefly a headamp or chiefly a pre-amp.
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