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The headroom new products are intriguing, specially the audiophile desktop speaker system. Mmmm....
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God, was just spending some quality time with Neil's HEv90/HEve90/HE60 set up... I wish Qualia (And soon R10) was as high as I need to go... perhaps someday.

This was my first experience with electrostats and they definitely have enough bass for me ;p Also the euphonic sound makes enjoying it effortless whereas I need to listen to my Qualias for a good 15 minutes or so before I really get into the sound. Bleahhh! Ohwell, maybe R10s will please me more!

Yeah, I know this is the unofficial thread. But these are unofficial impressions!

Friday Night is $$$$$.
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Agh! I can't sleep, I am so excited for tomorrow!

This is going to be one heck of a first headphone meet for me!
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Originally Posted by Wmcmanus View Post
I'm told that I look a little bit like Denzel Washington, only not so tall, dark, handsome, slim, young, muscular, talented, wealthy, or even uh, interesting.

You are a lot funnier than Denzel. I had a lot of fun chatting with you and almost missing my plane last year.

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Well, I just got here 1 hour ago. I am sleepy! See you all in the morning!
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Originally Posted by kramer5150 View Post
Tylls headroom setup was awe inspiring.... amps, sources, transports, PCs... Even... SPEAKERS!!
Those are Amphion Ion's right? Here's the brochure, if anyone is interested:

Have fun guys!
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some guys have all the fun,
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HeadRoom's Desktop Audiophile Speaker (Audiophile Desktop Speaker? anyhow, the thing with the speakers) sounds AMAZING. Actually everything in Tyll's room sounds amazing. I spent a while with the speakers, a while with the Balanced Max (which made a jaw-dropped mouth breather of me) and still another while with the AC-only version of the new replacement for the Micro line (astounding, small, great-looking....and rather warm to the touch). All passed the "I just can't take this off" test - I just sat there mesmerized.

Edit: BTW the Micro line is being demo'd with the little Cardas mini-mini interconnects HeadRoom carries, and sounds fantastic. I have nothing against the higher-end interconnects people are enjoying these days, but folks on a budget who are making compromises in the amp or headphone area so they can buy a mega-cable should, IMO, rethink their strategy. The Cardas sounds great, doesn't cost a lot, and the fact that it's compact and easy to route is a real win in its own right with a portable rig.

I could have spent all day in front of the desktop speaker rig, comfortable and grinning for hours even in the hotel's minimalist little conference chair. I didn't get the rig's price, but I'm pretty sure selling my Aeron won't quite cover it

HeadRoom has fantastic taste in reference tracks too. I have to get a photo of their CD case so I can track 'em down myself.

Ray's new amp is beautiful to see. Haven't heard it yet.

I saw Pete Millet's pocket amp, which is one slender little beast, thinner and more pocketable than ordinary 9V portables. Can't wait to hear it.

That's all for now.
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what a waste of time for us on the east coast to spend this day far away from the meeting, what are we going to do today - barbecue?

I woke up 6.30 this morning to start reading the impressions, so far it looks amazing. Don't forget to post in the lunch break

I have so many things to ask but let me start with this post >

third pic > is that a new tube amp?

edit: my bad, it is the millett hybrid I believe...
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Another WOW!!!!

So many world premieres for new amplifiers. With Ray's Apache, HeadRoom's revised Micro and new Ultra Micro lines, TTVJ new portable tube amplifier, and Single Power's new solid state amplifier, there are a lot of 1st showings.

It makes me wonder what the Headphone companies will be doing to counter all the attention the amplifier manufactures are getting.
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its 5:23am now.. and i am sure today is going to rock!!!!

yesterday was great meeting the peeps i always see on here, cant wait till later..

not sure but i was thinking of heading up to san fran maybe tomorrow mourning for some more of this..

but i am hear to listen and meet with the people so i am not sure about the driving thing yet..yesterday was fun only drove a few hours out. but my allergy's sucked yesterday..

anyway, yeah dudes headfest already rocks!
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Incredible stuff. Would like to see interior pics of the Apache
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Just a few more hours until she is seen.....

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Originally Posted by p0wderh0und23 View Post
Just a few more hours until she is seen.....

You're a sick, sick man! You tease all of us that aren't there!
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It's to make sure you are all here next time... oh and yeah I can be at times...
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