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The HE90 rig is simply stunning.
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Originally Posted by The Monkey View Post
lol, I like that reasoning. I suggest a compromise: The Official Unofficial Impressions Thread.
As you wish.
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agile_one is getting way out of hand. It's shameful. Even bozebuttons is behaving himself by comparison, and that's not saying much. Justin W is, of course, being a gentlemen and a scholar (and they're aren't too many of us left around here).
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Originally Posted by bigizzy75 View Post
Hey Guys,

By any chance did any of you who went to Headfest 2K7 happen to see Ray Samuels Tomahawks in different Colors that were not Black or Silver??

Does any one have any Pictures of the new colored Tomahawks??



The new emerald green finish is GAW-JEE-USSS. BEEYOOTEEFUL. Seriously. Period.
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Originally Posted by vcoheda View Post
6 of the 9 pages of this thread are please post more stuff.
That just means that we need more pictures and impressions!

I am anxiously waiting to hear if there are any electrostatic headphone related announcement.
Ray Samuels Audio, Singlepower, HeadAmp, HeadRoom, ... have shown new amplifiers for dynamic headphones. But are there any news for us with electrostatic headphones?

Originally Posted by bhd812 View Post
Neil's Orpheus rig is so beautiful!
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Sorry - no time to read these 9 pages of whatever it is that's been posted. Must get back to Tyll's room which is loud, boisterous, rockin' and oh-so-much fun.

Brain cells too fried to say much yet.

Ray's new Appache solid state amp -- very similar in performance to B52 (tube) amp but no tubes, warm and powerful, lower profile, drives K1000 with ease, R10 sounds marvelous (and I don't usually like R10), HD600 (with Ray's military grade cable) loves the Appache. Lots of folks seem to love the Raptor, too, today.

Loved Mikhail's Extreme, and his "little" Square Wave (balanced) amp was very nice.

Justin's production AE-2 is really very nice. As I expected, it is much better than the prototypes I heard a couple of NYC meets ago. Love the metallic coppper (very limited custom finish). GS-X very smooth but didn't have time enough time on it yet.

Zanden tube amp is quite remarkable with K1000. A revelation of sorts.

Fizzled at brief go at Guitar Hero 2 -- then got sucked into the Tyll vortex. Must -- get -- back -- to Tyll's world (ouch).

Woo Audio's WA5 (flagship?) is another winner.

Jahn and I desperately wanted -- and were really expecting -- to finally be able to hear a Xin SuperMicro IV -- but NOOOOOOOOO. Not a one to be found. You'd think this was Noo Yawk. Where the heck is it. We were almost promised there'd be at least one hear.

Hey Dr. Xin: Don't you want us to maybe say something nice about it? We can't say anything if we can't hear one. Sigh.

Lots of significant industry people present. Met Noel Lee and son Kevin Lee of Monster Cable. Very glad to have made your acquaintances, gents!

We Phillips played sharp and witty moderator for our dinner with the vendors panel thingy. Fun as always.

I didn't win anything today. Sigh. There's always tomorrow. (Wasn't that a line from Gone With The Wind?)

[EDIT: Oops. That's "Tomorrow is another day."]

I'm fading - going back for a Tyll boost.

More tomorrow.
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Originally Posted by Nebby View Post
You asked for more pics.....so here are a few:

ATTENDEES: keep those pictures coming--the more the merrier! And impressions, once you've recovered, please be kind enough to keep those coming as well!

Aye! For those of us less fortunate, this is all we have from Headfest!
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Any more apache opinions?
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(click any pic for a larger version)

Ray Samuels

Inside the RSA Apache

Also inside the RSA Apache

Audio Line Out's table

Ken of Audio Line Out

Westone's table

Westone 3

Westone's powderhound23

Inside the HeadAmp GS-X

Justin Wilson of HeadAmp

AMB's Millett Hybrid

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(click any pic for a larger version)

AMB's Beta 22

Asr's table rig

Benchmark DAC1

Ultrasone Edition 9

Ultrasone's female PR

HeadRoom's new Micro Stack


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(click any pic for a larger version)

Neilvg's Orpheus

The new Singlepower Mini

And the new Singlepower Square Wave!

Sleestack's office rig - in there is Singlepower Audio's SS1 solid-state!

It's Jude!

Koss ESP950

Iron_Dreamer's table rig

Announcing the Door Prize Winners

The amp designer panel. Left to right: moderator Wes Philips (Stereophile), Mikhail Rotenberg (Singlepower Audio), Pete Millett (DIY designs including the Millett Hybrid), Tyll Hertsens (HeadRoom), Justin Wilson (HeadAmp), Rudi Stor (RudiStor Systems). Out of frame: Ray Samuels (RSA).

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what was the new UE product?
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What does Sleestacks monster SP SS amp sound like?
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Somebody please plug a pair of balanced Grados (RS-1 preferrably) into the back of a Lavry DA10, and resolve once and for all a question that has originated at least two threads.:

Can a Lavry Black drive balanced Grados?
How does it sound?
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Here are a bunch of pics:


I will add more pics after the meet ends tomorrow.
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