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In Minneapolis, and ran into Jahn

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So I walk into the gate to connect to San Jose, and who's sitting there but Jahn, contemplating whether or not to hop on my laptop to make his 20,000th post.

He was without his portable rig, so borrowed my nano/Tomahawk rig to drive his Grado HP-2's, which he's jamming to now. (Actually, I just listened to it myself, and this little rig drives the HP-2, but not ideally. Jahn just told me his Hornet drives the HP-2 with more gusto, which doesn't surprise me.)

Before I shut down, I'll give him the option of making his 20,000th post, but I have a feeling he's going to wait until a more ideal time to post.

Uh oh. Boarding....

Guess 20,000 comes later.
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Somebody like Jahn leaving home without his rig??? lol
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Whoa, what are the odds? Btw I'm just wondering when I connect from LA to Oakland (Southwest), I saw a gentleman walk through in my flight with a Grado. I'm not familiar with Grado but I'm sure it's one of the mid/high end Grado. (Definitely not SR60) I'm just wondering whether that person is a head-fier.
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JUDE! You were in MSP today and you didn't tell me!! I'm going to the airport today! I would have gone early if I knew you two were going to be there! I love to meet you guys!
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Let me know if you have another connecting flight in Minny!
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I will only believe this coincidence if Jahn posts to confirm with his next post.
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