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Official HeadFest 2007 Video Thread - Page 6

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We're lame, so my husband and I still quote that video to each other from time to time. He'll say with Elmo's Emo voice - "I have no dad, do you hear me? Noooo daaaad..."

I'll reply "I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!"

This is usually followed by once of us trying to impersonate Kermit singing Hurt. I won't spam the thread with that, use your youtube-foo and you'll find it.

(I had my mom's Raggidy Anne - and I cut her hair to see if it would grow back. She's a bit punk now.)
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Amp Builder Discussion - Online

Thanks Sovkiller for editing and hosting this video.
This is the Amp Builder Discussion.
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We are working on a edited and complete DVD with menus, and all what it should have, that will be sent to all members of the panel, Justin Tyll, Ray, Mikhail, Pete, Rudi, and all the members interested as well...As soon as it will be ready I will let you know..that will be my little contribution to the Headfest...
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Thanks for all your work!!! A shining example of what great hobbyists do best: create fun-for-all!
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Voltron and utep10, for the DVD I would like to include in the credits the name of the persons who filmed the video, and provide the images, etc...Please PM me that info...otherwise it will be omitted, that i theo nly thing that we are missing to finish it...
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The DVD is now done, I'm making the copies to send them to the participants and a few selected members, sorry I could not send them to everyone, if you are interested contact me...the result was very nice, far better of what I expected honestly...

I need these addresses, some of them could be gotten online, trying to browse, but it will be nice if the members contact me with a right address:

-Jude (well that is a default copy, God first!)

The ones who provide the whole fun:

-utep10 (I got this one already)

The participants:

-Tyll (will send it ot the Headroom address)
-Ray Samuels (that is another easy one)
-Justin (Got this from the website)
-Pete Millet (???) Guys anyway of getting in touch with Pete???
-Mikhail (email sent for an address...???...)
-Rudi (of course I have this one)

So please whomever knows those two addresses or can get in touch with them please as a cortesy, I wouldl ike ot mail all of them tomorrow or at least ASAP....
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All copies sent except Mikhail's and Pete Millet's, guys if any of you have their addresses i really appreciate that contact me in private so I can mail the copies to them...
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All copies sent, till now except two members Utep10 and Voltron, have notified me of the receipt, let me know when you received it, guys!!!
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