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Bought a Diabolous 7 from lmf22. Communication was quick, easy and clear. The transaction was very smooth and the dock arrived within 2 days, packaged very well and securely. Would definitely do business with lmf22 again, without reservation! Thanks Wenson!
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I bought an LDM+ from lmf22. The amp was shipped the next day and arrived two days later very well packaged. Good communication, very fast and professional. I would buy from lmf22 any day!
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I bought a AV710 from lmf22 and even though it was a cheap item it was well packed and sent with priority shipping. I would buy from lmf22 again without hesitation.
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Bought a pair of cables from lmf22 and it came in excellent condition and well packaged. Fast shipping too. Everything went well with the transaction, highly recommended!!!
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lmf22 sold me a mint PSP. Transaction was pleasant and shipping was fast and packaged excellently. Model Head-Fier. Thanks!
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lmf22 bought a Turbodock V15 from me. Awesome communication. Excellent customer thru the years and I hope to keep him around for years to come. Thank you my friend. Recommended Head-fier!!. ALL THE WAY!!
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Wenson purchased by Stello DA100 from me. We talked on the phone before finishing the transaction as of 7.1.08 and I agreed to a payment plan with him . He has been excellent at communication and very responsive. I never did a payment plan with anyone, but after talking with him he is just good people . Enjoy the new DAC and thanks again Wenson.

Update: I just got the last payment from hm and ahead of schedule. Once again Wenson is fantastic and it's people like him in our community that make it such a joy to be in this hobby. Thanks again Wenson
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I bought a Entech 203.2 from lmf22, fast shipping and nice packaging. Good communication. Thanks
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Sold a pair of Sennheiser HD650s to lmf22.

VERY easy transaction. The payment was extremely prompt. Easy to communicate with.

He made the transaction extremely smooth. No headaches whatsoever.

I would do business again with him in a heartbeat.
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Bought a pair of Blue Jeans IC's from Wenson, he kept my up to date on every step of the process, was a very smooth transaction. Thanks!

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Bought a set of Er4P off of Wenson. Awesome communication and patience. Fast shipping and very easy to deal with. No problems recommending business with him to anyone else, my deal went perfect!
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I bought a pair of insignia speakers from lmf22 and the speakers were very well packaged and shipping was quick. Would definitely buy from lmf22 again
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Purchased a Woo Audio stand from Wenson. Very honest and reasonable seller. Answered PMs quickly and was very pleasant to deal with. Highly recommended !!!
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Purchased a CD from Wenson. As always a wonderful person to deal with. Great communication, fast shipping and overall a very smooth transaction. Don't hesitate to deal with him . Thanks again Wenson.
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purchased an amp from lmf22

Wenson sold me his Pioneer integrated amp and he was a pleasure to deal with.
He was honest, direct and prompt.

His shipment was fast and well packaged.

He's a seller you'd do well to engage with.


SFBayArch (Hugh)
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