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Darth Beyer questions!

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Dear head-fiers,

I am looking forward to buy some DB! I have gone through many posts concerning those cans. I am owning the stock 770 pro 80 ohm model and I love them. I have tried many headphones from all the major brands available and the one the closest to my taste is the sound from Beyer. Now I have a few questions, I know Larry is extremely busy and I prefer to ask you Darth's users first!

I am a total that would like to upgrade his cans to reach a new level of musical pleasure! :P

I really like extremely brutal death metal with lots of punchy drums, I am thinking of: Kataklysm, Decapitated, Krisiun, Amon Amarth, Bloodbath, Six Feet Under and so on! I also really appreciate electronic music bands such as: Dawn of Ashes, Suicide Commando, Infected Mushroom, Agonoize, Infekktion and many others as well! I am a really open-minded music lover, I pretty much find something good about every music genre but those mentioned are the ones that are catching my interest at the moment and I won't name them all because this could be long and boring! :P

That being said, I would say generally I like my music to be on the darker and warmer side. I would say I am more copper than silver I guess? Now I am looking at the re-cabling options and I am a bit lost.

Being on a budget (Well around 400$ sounds like the maximum to me! :P). Going with with a BlackCopper re-cabling sounds like the way to go or I am missing the boat? Coming from the stock 770 pro 80ohm which I own and love really much is it going to add some bass quality and/or quantity? Would you guys say that just the BlackSilver re-cable is making a good improvement over the stock one and the performance upgrade over the other cable is not worth the extra money? I know that this whole cable subject is really relative and this depends of my source and inter-connect also! Over time I am willing to upgrade the rest!

And lastly I know that only a few will probably be able to answer me if not only one (*AHEM* SKYLAB *AHEM* :P) I am wondering if the wood used for modifying the headphones cups will actually make a noticeable difference in term of sound? I do know it is a really relative question and I am pretty much the only one that could tell.. but still any input would be great!

By the way I am a "noobie" and please forgive my spelling mistakes!

Thank you very much,

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Hi Charles,

Darth Beyers are a great set of headphones. I've recently aquired a screened pair and love them to bits.

I'm afraid I can't answer many of your questions... but my first pair of (closed) Darths had BlackSilver cable and the bass in those was both deeper and louder (not to mention better quality!) than the stock DT770's. I'm not sure how much difference the cables make but have read previously that the cables affect the mids more than they affect the bass. I think the wooden enclosure (shape/depth + materials used) affects the bass a whole lot.

Good luck!
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Hi Spadge,

Thank you for that precious information!

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Come on guys!

I need more input, help a head-fier!

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Wow, this is the coolest name for a headphone ever!! LOL.

Seriously though very interesting looking headphones
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I want to know as well...

I'm a huge thrash/death metal fan also. I busted out the good ol grado SR60s yesterday and I'll tell you right now they're MUCH better for music than the beyers. Drums sound downright amazing on them, more real. Not to mention the grado presentation is perfect for death metal and rock music in general.

My proposed self solution: SR225s and tubes It's a shame the grado sound stage is so narrow though, I'm a big gamer as well and the beyers are untouchable for that. Switching is a pain.
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Originally Posted by afireinside View Post
I want to know as well...

I'm a huge thrash/death metal fan also. I busted out the good ol grado SR60s yesterday and I'll tell you right now they're MUCH better for music than the beyers. Drums sound downright amazing on them, more real. Not to mention the grado presentation is perfect for death metal and rock music in general.
Hello afireinside!

Thank you for your reply!

I have had SR80 for around 8 years, I find that the DT770 is big upgrade over the SR80 sound. I know that listening Grado's with a tube source soften the "harshness" I used to listen them from my vintage Marantz 2275 1974 Amp, which was really entertaining! I know how good they are but to me the sound signature of Grado's is rather fatiguing over time and for sure do not sound as involving as the Beyer's. I am really digging the bass slam/deepness, isolation and comfort!

Thank you,

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Haha, if you like "warm" heardphones, with lots of you came to the right place.

No one I have seen has compared like darths with different woods.... so there is no difinitive answer as to how much the wood effects the sound (save for perhaps larry). There may be as much sonic variation between darths of similar woods are there are between darths of different woods.
In either case, I would suggest you get which ever you think looks best for your budget.

The cable larry expands upon a little, and so I would go by what he says. Pick which ever you think is the best within your price range.

Just note: The darth beyers are very warm to start with.......... and you may find the blackcopper to be unnecessary.... all up to personal taste.

If you like the DT770pro now, just wait!
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I did actually find Cocobolo to be even warmer than either Paduak or Koa. My favorite sound though is Amoynya Burl, but who knows if it's the wood itself, or just slight driver variations that account for the fairly small difference I have heard with the Darth Beyers I have owned.

I do think BlackMax is worth the extra money, however. I preferred it to BlackCopper. YMMV. No cable is going to prevent the DB's from being a warm headphone, not to worry there.
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How are the highs on open and closed darths with black max.

I know the Darths are supposed to be bassy but are they still crisp?

Does anyone know what Larry does to make them darth's other than the wood/recable.

Is there speaker changes or tweeks? Any Idea?

I dont care about specifics just wondering what is invloved in the "transformation"
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Hello Towert7 and Skylab,

Thanks for the replies!

I have one more question, I have noticed that every headphones on the deal page comes with a 1/4 connector, is there a reason for this, is it a practical reason?

I am planning to connect the DB's out of a portable amp, so mini sounds the best way to go. I also find that a converter mini to 1/4 is easier to find than the opposite, am I wrong?

Damn I am feeling I will end up buying those...haha! That will be a nice mid summer surprise (considering the wait time).

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a 1/8" connector is just fine if that's what you need.

And the highs are excellent. Darth Beyers are still Beyer headphones!
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i seriously want to look into DBs... but my wallet says no

what is a good amp for the DBs anyways? if i sell my emu and my headphones i won't need to shell out that much $$$ =)
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Yeah well Skylab has 4 now. 2 Open and 2 closed. Basically, I hate his guts!

Jk you the man Darth Skylab. Lol that reminds me of Skywalker.

The Opens are silly nice. Completely different from any headphone I've ever heard. Kinda like a K1000 with bass.

Go with the cheaper wood and better cable. The cable has more of an impact on the sound imo.
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Actually does anyone have a pair of darths and grados? How do they compare?
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