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Originally Posted by ourfpshero View Post

the aurvana has smaller soundstage and bass, but is much more balanced and 'tight' sounding. love the m50, it blows away the rp21 across the spectrum, including bass

Oh dang... I ended up ordering the RP-21 already since it fit my budget. I couldn't find the M50 anywhere online for less than 150 Euros.

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ouch-expensive- they go for 100 us dollars around here

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I found the RP15 at 49$ in ebay ... so i decided to give them a try. still waiting for them.

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Originally Posted by ericj View Post

Golly, thanks for doing that! I've been feeling bad about putting off writing up a review of my friend's RP-21 for weeks now. I've just started a new job, and been under a lot of pressure to paint my house, and a few other things.

One of the things that most impressed me about the RP-21 was my inability to feed it a signal that would cause it to misbehave.

Wil Oldham (aka Bonnie Prince Billy) has an album called "Master and Everyone" where apparently the concept was to get a really loud open-air-gig style acoustic guitar, stick a piezo pickup on it, and have an electric bass play backup as well.

It's good stuff, but the resonance from the guitar can be deafening. If a headphone has the ability to make the midbass go HOOOONK, just about any track from this CD will make it do it. Even my DT-770 Pro/80 does it just a little bit.

But the RP-21 gracefully reproduced it without any distortion. I was floored.

Oh, about the coiled cord on the RP-22X - any authorized dealer can order you a straight cord (the RP-21 cord) for about $8. I don't have the item number here, but i can get it from my dealer friend.

It helps me out of the problem, Thanks for your sharing! It's quite useful.
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wow this thread is old.


My rp15 was all right and with the fit being the only con, i still use it sometimes.

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I just got a pair of the RP-22x and haven't taken them off my head since getting home from work at 5:30 this evening. They sound lovely on rap, the bass is lovely. It's got plenty of authority but without getting muddy and overpowering. They can play down into the low 20's but have the most authority in the 30 to mid 40Hz range. I listened to everything from Michael Jackson to Papa Roach to Michael McDonald and was impressed with the clarity of these phones. Perfect balance of mids/highs/bass, neither overpowers the other. I'm loving 'em!

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