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My RP-15c got here today and I am quite happy with it so far. More detailed impressions later (after I think it's burned in). especially vis a vis Audio Technica ATH-SJ5.

Gotta say it is a far better looking can than it appears in internet photos. The color is more of a copper. Like someone skinned a bassboat, or your dad's camaro that he had in the '70s. Folds up really small. My hopes of making a short cable for it were dashed since the headphone end appears pretty proprietary with that little swivel lockin' guy on it. Might pony up and order the coiled cable for portable. This one is a clamper! Not one for you folks with glasses, fo sho! Isolation is decent. better than the SJ5. more later.

hey, Satan, are you talking about the 21 or the 15? I don't have the K81 to compare with, but judging by my SJ5 so far, this one is definitely a competitor for cheap closed portable king. edit: nm, I just saw it in your sig.
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Originally Posted by tomjonesrocks View Post
Please watch the group buy talk. I'm interested in following this thread and hearing some impressions on this phone--but won't get the chance if if the topic goes to group buy and the admins shut the whole thread down.

Happened with a pretty big A950LTD thread already...
don't worry, it's never gonna happen. We'd need far more people to get on board for it than we're likely to get for an item of this sort and price if the price was going to get significantly below MAP after it's all said and done.
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Please refrain

Hello, my name is Steve Mowry with Marguerites Music. Please remove the prices. You can all email me for them if need be at


I will be glad to respond to all mail but the posting of the prices is getting me in trouble. If you keep posting our prices it will force me to raise my prices if I can even keep the product.

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Regarding Equation Audio products

Hello All, My name is Dave. I am a sound engineer. I also just happen to be the National Sales Manager and Technical Advisor for Equation Audio. I wish to reply to several topics of discussion that has grown from this thread.

Every reply and posting has been productive in positive ways, including the subsequent publishing of 'Local Level' dealer in-store pricing for Equation products that are below company established MAP pricing. It is not my intent to bring this subject to a halt. Steve at Marguerites Music and Don at House of Hindenach are reputable Equation dealers. I personally introduced both to our products and remain in high regard. Their business' often caters to local musicians, sound & recording engineers and music lovers of all levels of practice and industry profession.

I personally consider All of our Independent dealers to be 'Purveyors of Great Quality Audio Products including Equation Audio, products they often research to insure their worthiness when placed on their store shelves. Since 2003, Equation has grown in professional reputation and consumer availability worldwide. This growth has increased after having just shown our entire product line at MusikMesse 2007, the Worlds Largest Pro Audio and Lighting Show in Frankfurt, Germany.

We stand behind our dealers in many ways, recognizing their inherent right to sell our products at 'unadvertised' in-store pricing that may fall below MAP. We also designed into our products what we believe to be Fair Market pricing. Fair when purchased by our dealers and Fair when they in turn sell our products at established 'Already Unbelievable' prices to you. Equation provides an alternative means for local retailers to procure different products that can help them stay in business, as opposed to being forced out of business by the Giant Corporate 'Discount' retail stores and publications many of us love to hate here in the US for a varying array of personal reasons.

What sets Equation apart from other manufacturers is exactly what this thread has been discussing. Equation products may not be available everywhere on the planet yet, but we're working on it. There are places you will not find our products, again those being the Giant Corporate owned discount catalogs and retail centers under various company names spread to pert near every corner you look around.

This being said, if you have a local Independent retailer near you that you feel could benefit from this kind of product unavailability and the high quality products Equation Audio offers please send them to visit our website at www.equationaudio.com. Product related Questions can be posted here so everyone can learn something, or emailed directly to myself, dsears@equationaudio.com. I will answer specific questions about Equation EarTools raised by this thread in another reply.

In the meantime I applaud the initial review posted by Dandi. As this independent review points out what many other end-users have been discovering with all the products Equation offers.

Please go to this link http://sybrsound.bravepages.com/EQA2...EQA2007cat.pdf to download a PDF full color catalog with Retail pricing and product descriptions.

I appreciate any feedback, good or bad that could help us improve our Equation EarTools headphones and other products. Thanks for such a great forum to openly discuss matters that are changing the audio accessories market for the better. Again, Please Support Your Local Equation Audio Dealer, where ever they may be.

David Sears- Equation Audio
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Hi, David. As long as you're here, the following link:


That picture is embarrassingly bad. I can't imagine anyone being drawn in by a close-up of a guy with the RP-21 who appears to be screaming in pain. The ones you use for the other "series" you offer are much better.
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INKMO, Man I love what you said: "The color is more of a copper. Like someone skinned a bassboat, or your dad's camaro that he had in the '70s."

The Camaro reference is really good. I don't think I know what a bassboat is??
I was around in the 70'S (1970's) and your image is fantastic. The Copper color with the black pleather and black trim the RP 15's and the 21's are head hot-rods. Thanks for the image.
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yes, the copper color is certainly much more classy than the orange I thought it was. A bassboat is a small flatbed motor boat for fishing in. They are often painted with various glitter-flecked paints that give them an appearance similar to the cups on these headphones. I suggest the color be advertised on the EA site as 'camaro-skin' :P. the orange they appear in the photograph definitely belies the build quality of these cans. They look toy-like in the photo, but feel far less plasticky in person. Maybe the guy is screaming out from the clamping force of these cans?

Sybrsound: I have RP-15mcs and they strike me as being very applicable as closed portables because of their bass presentation and decent isolation (and they fold up so neatly). Is there any chance of getting a 3-4 foot straight cord available? Or at least some of the proprietary screw-in plugs so some intrepid DIYers might make their own portable cables? I think I'm going to order a coiled cable soon because it might be easier to take portable...

I'm also wondering if they'll brighten up a little as they burn in. Still forming my opinions because I don't think they've reached their terminal sound yet.
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Originally Posted by Kees View Post
I noticed them before.
Where? In a store? (One can always hope.)
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Originally Posted by procreate View Post
Where? In a store? (One can always hope.)
No, on the internet. I ran into a store in Spain that sells them.
Totally forgot about them until I saw this post.
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Looks like a killer value as they sound as pro as they look.
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Vorlon1 has a pair of the RP-21 and I have listened to them on two occasions. I can say that I was very favorably impressed and look forward to getting a pair of my own.

I found they are very balanced and have a very good overall presentation of the music. The bass is tight and plentiful, the mids and highs are not subdue like some headphones do. I mean the bass does not overpower the mids or the highs.

They are light weight and comfortable. The cable enters through the left ear-piece and it is detachable, this to me is a plus because it will allow me to make a 1.5 meter mini to mini and use it as a transportable. BTW being closed it would make them a good candidate for library or bedroom use.

Real and Imaginary!

Sensitivity: 100dB 3dB
(1mw @ 1kHz)

Frequency Response: 10Hz - 22kHz 3dB

Fantasy Response: .001Hurts - 12GHurts
A Good Caning

Transducer: 50mm Dynamic

Impedance: 32 Ohms ( 15%)

Cable: Detachable – 3m (9.8'),
(tangle resistant jacket)

* Plutonium free polymer

Connector: 3.5mm (1/8") stereo
(1 right angle/ 1 straight)
6.3mm (1/4") adaptor

Cup Type: Circum-Aural, (user
replaceable cushions)

Style Type: Fully adjustable, head-
strap, swivel cups (90º)

Weight: 350g (12.3oz.)
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Originally Posted by Kees View Post
No, on the internet. I ran into a store in Spain that sells them.
Totally forgot about them until I saw this post.
Ain't it always like that. Although I did find a store which sells K510's on-line here in Holland. You think me likes?
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Originally Posted by Inkmo View Post
hey, Satan, are you talking about the 21 or the 15? I don't have the K81 to compare with, but judging by my SJ5 so far, this one is definitely a competitor for cheap closed portable king. edit: nm, I just saw it in your sig.
I'm thinking seriously hard about getting the 15 since the price is so inviting. Like Dandi your Camaro reference made me go back a few years, that is the color. Let us know what the 15 does in comparison to the 21.
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Maybe if a few of us requested shorter cables Equation would see a market and make them available?
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I may have to pick up an RP21. At fair market price of course! Some SQ, some style, detachable cord. Seems like a good deal.
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