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Originally Posted by Chiliman View Post
Man, i was in davis yesterday. I come up there every couple of weeks because my girlfriend goes there, next time i am up there could I maybe listen to some of your rigs?
If you are, drop me a line.
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Originally Posted by Chiliman View Post
Nice, RasmusseN, I was hoping there would be some high school students, I didn't think any would make it.
I am uber excited!
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i'd be interested...
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I'm in High School and I'll be attending.

Next year... guess I'm following a trend here, UCD for me =P.
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I still act like I'm in college. Does that count? If so... I'm 'coming from UCLA' =)

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omg. we need to have some mini-meets up in here!
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Wow we definitely have the makings of a nice Davis meet.
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like i said, i would come up for a Davis meet from SSU, Girlfriend and headphones in one weekend... what more could I ask for?
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I'd be totally down for a davis mini meet, let's plan one for this quarter or something after the international meet.
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I go to Saint Francis High School in Mountain View.
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I think when you get there, you'll realize that a good 50% of us are college kids or close to that age. UC Berkeley right here! Go Bears!
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On the off chance that anyone is still awake, I was wondering if anyone in team college-fi wanna sit with me? I am going to be getting there fairly early, so just let me know.
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^I'd be down to meet up, I'll probably get there tomorrow sometime around 11ish or something. Maybe on sunday college-fi can plan some sort of meeting time? Should we wear our usernames on our stickers :P?
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I am down to meet up tomorrow, I am definitely coming back.
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