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Originally Posted by ldj325 View Post
How is contact/arrangements made?
It'll be pretty obvious when/where the meals are going on. They're in the program, and we'll be making announcements all weekend long.

Your question raises a couple of good points tho:

1.) Payment for the Saturday bag lunch and the Sunday BBQ are cash only.

2.) The Saturday dinner/amp maker's panel is limited to about 75 people. Having left a post in this thread does not constitute a will need to make a reservation at the restaurant after you arrive.
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Reservations for Saturday dinner

This just in: the hotel restaurant will be accepting reservations for Saturday night's dinner. Capacity is around 75, and we're still working on the possibility of having a simulcast in the bar. You should definitely be able to hear the discussion from the bar, the variable is if we can find a cable long enough to allow people to see it as well.
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