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Poll - Dining Options at the Meet

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Hey Gang,

There's lots of places to eat near the San Jose Radisson, but for maximum convenience' sake we've arranged with the hotel to have a few meals prepared for us. These are optional, but I wanted to get some general numbers to the hotel so they can plan accordingly.

Final pricing is in, as well as a few edits to the menu.

Meals we have on deck are:

Saturday Lunch
Very quick & casual, this is a bag lunch available at the bar near the main ballroom. $10 for a nice sandwich, fruit, bag of chips, & a soda.

Saturday Dinner
Buffet dinner served in conjunction with the amp manufacturer's panel discussion. This may sell out, so make a reservation at the restaurant if you'd like to attend. $14.95 a person.

Sunday BBQ
A casual outdoor barbeque, weather permitting. If it's raining, it'll be a casual indoor lunch buffet. Burgers, all-you-can-eat ribs (oh yeah), etc. for $13.

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Originally Posted by clarke68 View Post
but for maximum convenience' sake we've arranged with the hotel to have a few meals prepared for us. These are optional,
I'd love to attend every one. Sure, I've had the opportunity to travel a lot, and I'm pretty blase about these things sometimes. But I can't imagine leaving the premisis during the meet. There's sooooooooo much going on. I can't wait to party on the fifth floor Saturday night. I can't wait to have dinner with everyone on Saturday. I just can't wait to be a part of the whole dang-burn thing. Sign me up for everything!
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"A regular, "sit-down" dinner in conjunction with the amp manufacturer's panel discussion. As the panel discussion is in the restaurant, you can't attend without getting dinner."

Am interested in hearing the panel discussion, depending on the time and how it falls in terms of my flight out. Personally I would prefer to fore go a formal dinner and hear it in the bar, so hope it will be "simulcast".

- augustwest
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I am in for all three as I will be staying at the hotel.
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I only picked the latter two as I'll probably grab something to eat for on the way down. However, I'm sure the lunch option will be popular amongst go-ers.
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Please put me in for all three.
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Down for all three... although I generally do not eat over one to twice a day at most. But it seems an exception is in order! Plus I will likely be imbibing in some of my favorite (read: fermented) beverages, so that changes stuff.

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Im all in. Make it three for me.
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definitely dinner sat bbq sun
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first two for me since sun morn/aft 1911 is treating me to some dungeness crabs at an undisclosed (to me) location.
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Put me on the last two (Sat Dinner, Sun BBQ)
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Please put me down for all three. Please put down my guest for the two dinners. Thanks.
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I'm in for the 3!!

For the party, for the panel discution, for everything!!!
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I think I'll be in for all 3, but most definitely the dinner/panel discussion.
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The last two Sat night and Sun BBQ (is this after the meet?) sound good. How is contact/arrangements made?
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