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CDP difference for headphone

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Hi dear forumers,

I am getting a CD player to be used solely for my headphone amp-headphone, thus only using the line-out of the cd player.

May I know does it make a lot of difference in getting a budget marantz(say 4000 or 5001) or a mid-range one(around $600 - $900)?

I know I should try to post this question in headphone forum(e.g. sgheadphone/headphonehaven/head-fi) but most of the forumers there are using portable/mp3 sources.

Hope to have some assistance here.
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GIGO, my friend, GIGO

It's not the price of the source but the quality of the output that matters (Garbage In, Garbage Out = GIGO). You'll need to use your ears. IMHO, though, the higher end the gear, the better DAC/Audio output end to the CDP and, therefore, the better quality output you'll be amplifying into your ears. But money alone is not the determinant (far from it with some brands). For instance, my second best CDP source at the moment is a Sony PCDP (D-NE1) through the optical out to a portable Piccolo DAC. This combo surprised me by beating off a range of alternate options I tried (some of them much more expensive). At least, as I stressed in the beginning, according to MY ears. Be patient, try a few players out with your own amp and headphones and preferred CDs. You'll soon hear the differences and ID the player that's right for you.
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Hmm, maybe let me repharse myself. Since this is the first time I am buying a CDP myself, I am wondering if between a budget player and mid-range player, the difference is in the lens used, or function or does the line out 'upgraded' as well. Sad to say I am not comfortable in bringing my cans/amp/interconnect around to auditions...

Just to add further,
Cans: AKG K501, Audio Technica ATH-A950LTD
Amp: Heed canamp
Interconnect: QED 2

Anyway, thanks for putting up with my noob questions so far
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The Difference

The sonic difference between various CDPs could be down to a range of factors, particularly the older the player. For more modern players I've generally found it's at the DAC/analogue out end, with the clock used in that section being the key item that changes the SQ.
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You should definitely do yourself a favor by listening to some. I've been looking for a CDP for awhile now (That's 90% of the fun is looking right?), and it's amazing how you can actually hear the difference in sound between sources. Maybe you'll find that the Marantz is just right for you, but I've definitely been able to hear enough of a difference that I'm looking for something in that 600-1000 dollar range now.

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