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Entry level YUIN released: PK3 Group buy  

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PK3 group buy open again. Group buy will be expired on Oct 1st.

Group buy price: $25
Free shipping in US 50 states
Worldwide customers add $7 shipping, total $25+$7=$32
Shipping method: USPS first class mail with tracking to US 50 states. Priorty mail to worldwide.
Shipping date: Sept 17th, Sept 24th, Oct1st
Paypal to:
Paypal email title: YUIN PK3 Group buy
Warranty Policy: Return in 30 days. 90 days free Exchange. Warranty include cord broken.
*About group buy: Group buy means "Headfiers' group buy", another words PK3's price is $25 shipped before Oct 1st. After Oct 1st PK3 price will become regular retail price which is $35.

Entry level YUIN earphone PK3 released

PK3 earphones are the entry level YUIN product. PK3's sound signature is similar to PK1 and PK2. If you are looking for something with high performance/price ratio, PK3 might be the best choice.

* Entry level YUIN
* Transparent, smooth sound
* Comfortable traditional design, NOT in-the-ear
* Everybody can afford the price

Technical Details

* Impedance:32±20ohm(at 1KHz)*
* Frequency response: 15-20,000Hz
* Sensitivity:120±3dB(at 1KHz)
* Distortion: less than 0.1%
* 5 feet J cord

System includes

* PK3 earphones
* 1/4" stereo phone adapter plug
* Foam eartips
* Storage boxs

PK3 Pictures

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Anyone have any impressions of these?
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Any group buys for the PK1? Im interested in that instead!
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is this the j cord or y cord version?

its a j cord
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Originally Posted by flamerz View Post
Anyone have any impressions of these?
I found this one review so far (translation by google)

They look interesting for $25, right around the MX500 price really. I might go for a pair.
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Anyone else thinking this could be the cheapest custom IEM ever? $124 o_O
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Don't know why, but I can't view that. =/
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Its in chinese... Translated with babelfish:


□gets up YUIN, is not the friend which □mixes in earphone everybody □□all □felt compared to □strange, as far as I know is some □is big □(wenke) an own □□□business □. At present □has PK1, PK2, the PK3 three kind of ear plugs.

PK1 is its flag □□. (Net □□price 880! But in present □□ear plug □) PK3 is YUIN face the big □□□popularization □. (Fixed price: 168) the PK2 position is situated between PK1 and PK3 [[[[[THIS PRETTY MUCH SUMS IT UP}}}}} □.

Myself was □have listened in the earphone everybody □□PK3 ear plug. (□bright; This □listens is returns □-like □listens. Namely the ear plug after □listens □to tie; Must □return □YUIN Corporation. □□on; The merchant □has recycled the cost which the ear plug pays □□to be bigger than lives □the cost. But because this □may prevent delivers □the ear plug but actually □; Moreover □a person □□□way is advantageous to □□fair ~~ recommends each big ear plug merchant use.)


The PK3 package □□has the characteristic. An outside □套包 □□wooden □box makes which with the hard □board. □has the characteristic.

PK3 fitting very □□. On □ear cotton and kapok, □resembles □the volume box □the box, □Ming?, □3.5mm □6.5mm □meets □. □fitting □however □□; But □□□. □the quantity □is works □good ~ □is also thicker than □.

The PK series ear plug outlook all has □□□□works fine □slightly to have is short of, has ratio □Ming? the mold □gathers □the wool on the ear plug □body □. But also □is compares full □on the yummy treats. According to certain uses PK1 to be big □says; PK series outside □□is very □□. (□however myself use pk3 □□. But □the person also agrees □□□□)

Wears □comfortableness: The PK series ear plug □□□is smaller than. Wears □is □comfortable. □Yu Ertung compared to □the young friend, might exempt □pain of ~ ear

□material: Ha-ha ~~ □Yu?? □any was good □. PK3 □the material □to frequently contacts □□ear plug me □□; Only could use "to resemble once □" □described. The supple □nature, □and works □□may be competent.

□sound PK series ear plug official □□:

PK1: □sensitivity: 107dB ~111dB alternating-current impedance: 130 □~170 □direct current impedance: 130 □~160 □□□: 20~24K is biggest □enters □□: 1000mv
PK2: □sensitivity: 105dB~111 dB alternating-current impedance: 12 □~20 □direct current impedance: 13 □~16 □□□: 20~20K is biggest □enters □□: 500mv
PK3: □sensitivity: 117dB ~123 dB alternating-current impedance: 28.8 □~35.2 □direct current impedance: 29 □~34 □□□: 15~20K is biggest □enters □□: 400mv

Ha-ha ~ □□according to for everybody □to test □tests ~~

PK3 □sound especially □:

1: The bass "□" is very high, in □□the price position, □in is few □. Also □many does not cause □the sound because of □the quantity □□. But under □, in dynamics all compares □arrives. □has □the triangle ear plug bass □standard.

2: Sound □: The PK3 sound □also □to flat that one kind of ~ (ear plug and so on A8, EC7 □□also is □to □one kind) □□is very big to the sound; About □□□the sound pulls very much □. Is listening to matches □compares □□□the sound □□. Matching localization very clear, but □□□is ordinary than to the sound. □the person □□□kind of □standard ear plug listens to the song which □□the version sings □to be better than. The person □has pulled closer ~ □□feeling not □~ but □to □time distinguishes clearly ~ to listen classically □. Had a □plane □□. Therefore takes □listens classically □is compared to □strenuous. Moreover □person by □; The PK3 main localization □□□is popular □, □□□and so on ~

3: PK3 high □is resonant but is not grating; Compared to □bears listens; Not □likely certain ear plugs one □; A tin holds the ear, but does not bear listens. The burr, □the sound slightly is heavy (□is □compares □Gao Tuan ear plug □. If □is much better than □mx400~~~PK3)

4: Center □is the PK3 □weak place. □the person feels □the PK3 person □compared to □to float, does not look like the woods sea the ear plug that □person □is sincere, power also tree top difference □.

5: □□: PK3 □□the table □, does not wear a set of sentiment □under; The analysis strength may compare ~ with □time of price other □physical appearance

□□: PK3 in □□on, □and above 7k the superelevation □has hollowly in the 1k center, in is low □on has the promotion. But the peak valley □the scope is not very big. □□; □is compared to □the balance. (Is using mp3 □; I am ordinary □enhance 3dB in 1k)

Pushes □the nature and other:
1: The PK3 bass □thrust force depends on □□is smaller than; Even if 推力比 □the small □body listens also to be able to push □6~7 to become ~~

2: The PK3 center high □chord □□thrust force request is very high! ! Is insufficient in the thrust force on machine; □the sound □dry feeling □is especially bright □. In □□□stands □embraces; PK3 □the sound flat abundant □were many.

3: The machine matches: PK3 is joined to □mellow "□the core" mp3 □. Is joined to the thrust force also also to have compared to □big rectangular strength chip mp3 the is not vulgar table □. But □on massively floods in the city lowly carries on the Sigmatel3502 machine is not suits very much. (Sigmatel3502 consumes □□is big. Many low ends machine □province □. Often has insufficient ~ other Sigmatel in the thrust force □the sound □standard □"cold" "to be harder than" does not suit □the standard mutually □.)

With □recommends: □the outlook is not □heavy □, is happy □listens to ROCK, the POP friend.
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Based on how much I am enjoying the PK1 and the PK2, I can't wait to hear the PK3 for their value (quality / price). I just placed an order at the very desirable Group buy price. I'm especially interested in how these stack up against the Koss KSC75 - my currently favorite $25-ish headphone, and the Sony EX71-SL a long-time family favorite (for when my kids come to me looking for a portable headphone) in the $30-ish range. Based on the value offered by the PK2 and PK1, my expectations are pretty high for the PK3. When the PK3 get here, I'll find out.
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Ack, placed an order. Will I get a confirmation or anything?
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Originally Posted by _M2 View Post
Its in chinese... Translated with babelfish:
Not much better that the Chinese. Now I know how instruction manuals are translated

I'm very tempted by the group buy price.
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Can someone explain to me the difference between a group buy and a regular buy? I placed an order for only one under "group buy"... I have a feeling that was incorrect o.o;
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Originally Posted by ClixCrisis View Post
Can someone explain to me the difference between a group buy and a regular buy? I placed an order for only one under "group buy"... I have a feeling that was incorrect o.o;
group buy means it's an offer for a group(in this case head-fi members) to purchase for a lower price because of the quantity of the order. you don't have to buy more than one yourself
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