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Brand new portaphile elpac for sale - Page 3  

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I saw him post yesterday, too. I was gonna say something to him, but then figured, since he wasn't already banned, that the problem was somehow resolved. Wish I could find the thread, now.
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Anybody notice yet that he tried to sell it almost exactly a year ago, too?
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here are the threads

he's online and posting but never care to explain what happened..
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link doesn't work.

but no, never explained and PayPal couldn't retrieve my $ bc he took it out of his account before the 10 days were up. I've tried to get some mods to help but they aren't doing anything!
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idk what to say..he keep on posting like nothing ever happened...just click his name and look at his latest post... he posted around 5-10 posts just today..
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That is really low. Why has he not been banned yet?
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I've sent a pm to the ryanhayn. I am closing this thread for now. I will notify soloZ2 of any response I receive.
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