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Brand new portaphile elpac for sale  

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i bought a portaphile last year but ended up returning it like a week after i got now i have a new elpac just sitting in my room. anyone want it? it's pretty much brand new. does $25 shipped sound good? paypal only please.

i'm not at home right now so i have no pics. but if you guys want some, just let me know....when i get home i'll post some.

it's this one:
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hey ryanhayn what's up? I sent you the money over 2 weeks ago, you said you'd ship that Monday which will be 2 weeks ago tomorrow. I still haven't received my elpac and you won't respond to any of my inquiries. I know you've been active. I have sent you PM's and even an email. Please give me an update!
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uh oh....
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Please at least respond to the PayPal dispute that I opened up. I'd like to solve this w/o escalating the dispute!
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I hate to bud in, but that's pretty low of him to ignore your msgs! It's $25 dollars! Send him a refund or just send the item! This type activity makes it harder for the rest of us to do honest transactions!
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Way to sacrifice your reputation here for 25 bucks. Hope the pack of smokes and case of beer was worth it.
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I see his last activity here was today at 4:21

soloz2 have you left feedback?
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no, I haven't left feedback yet. I've been hoping to resolve this... sigh
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i've had problems on ebay in the past and as soon as i told them that i'd file a formal complaint with the US postal inspector the offender sent me a refund...

just make sure to print out your paypal receipt with the guys name and address as a copy along with the complaint form if it goes that far...

hope this gets resolved more amicably for you soloz2...
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Ive inquired to ryanhayn about this elpac over a week ago and he told me it was sold. he could have taken my money and jet, but didnt.
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I PM'ed him about it too, just a couple of days after he posted (if I recall correctly, it might have been closer to a week) and he took a few days to reply that it was sold....but didn't respond to my gentle suggestion that maybe he ought to edit his post to indicate that was the case.
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I posted feedback. If any admins can help with this matter it would be much appreciated.
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Not to make this a discussion thread, but if the guy really is a scammer, then he's the worst I've ever seen. He stuck around long enough to post more than 200 times, and then threw it all away for 25 bucks.

I think a bit of slow-clapping is necessary here.
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this is not scam imo...he might be in an accident ...who knows...
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Originally Posted by kamal007 View Post
this is not scam imo...he might be in an accident ...who knows...
" Last Activity: Yesterday 04:30 PM "
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