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Hi guys, I'm arriving at oakland friday @ 1.00pm, if I don't have any plans with my friends whom I'm stayed at, I'll be able to help you guys with the setup. I'm not positive for friday night, however I'm yours for saturday & sunday (registration & clean up)
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Thanks again to everyone who is stepping up to help. I've updated things for my buddy Clarke, and I think I caught all of the volunteers so far.

We're looking good for the Friday crew, but could use a little more help there.

We're great for Saturday registration. Hurray!

We're in need of help on Sunday though, for both registration and cleanup.

Come on folks, we need some more help so that a few Head-Fiers don't carry the load for the many who will enjoy this event. Or as Spock would say, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one." Live long and prosper, but help us out in the meantime!
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Eh screw it, count me in 100 percent for clean up too. I may bail between 8-10 though if we somehow take that long
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I can jump in for Sunday registration right after RYCeT.
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I'll take the last sign-up table shift on Sunday, and help with the cleanup.
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Put me down for the last slot on Friday - I've booked accommodation to prevent trekking up and down the peninsula - I've booked Friday off work, and Joanne has given me a weekend pass - There's even a WRT54GL to make my life easier this time - episiarch will be glad to know.

If I can get to a Costco, (and it looks like I'll be passing several on the way down) we volunteers deserve some modded brownie bites for a job well done.
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Hear hear ;p If you can grab some pizzas too I'll throw in some cash.
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Awesome showing, make me proud. Almost every slot is full! Looking forward to seeing/meeting you all this weekend.
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Emergency Volunteer Opportunity!!!

Head-Fi member Stevesurf, who did the webcast for last year's meet and generously offered to do the same this year, is suddenly unable to make it because his girlfriend will likely need to go to the hospital. Please send your thoughts/prayers/good vibes to Steve...and all those even remotely talented with a video camera, please let us know if you're able to video the panel discussion or any of the lectures.

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I'm happy to help with registration Sunday (and Saturday too, if you want to double up slots at all). Also count me in for Sunday clean-up.
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Originally Posted by MontanaJustin View Post
I'm happy to help with registration Sunday (and Saturday too, if you want to double up slots at all). Also count me in for Sunday clean-up.
I went ahead and swapped you in for RYCeT on Sunday morning so that he didn't have to pull two shifts on the registration table, and I added you to the cleanup crew. Thanks!

I have also filled the last slot on the cleanup crew with Agile_One/Tyrion/jp11801. These three Floridians cannot make it Friday night due to various engagements in various seedy establishments around the Bay, cannot be trusted with badges or money so registration is out, and their hands shake far too much to be video operators. So, welcome to the cleanup crew fellas!
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Still Need More Video Reporters!

Bruce has graciously offered to bring a video camera to record some of the meet, but we can't make him do the whole thing!

There are over 53,000 Head-Fi members not coming this weekend. This is to give them a chance to join in on some of the fun. Surely some of you gearheads went through a "video" phase at some point in your life...time to dust off that camera and put it to good use!
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i will be arriving at the hotel on friday by 1-2pm..

pending on where i am and what i am doing, i MAY be able to be an extra for some help.

may is the key word cause If i even make it to the hotel I will be happy..haha
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Hey what time is good to show up? I may not get there til 6:30/7:00 depending on traffic... 6:00 might happen though. I'll probably leave work around 5:00 go home grab my gear then start driving...

Also, would like some cell #'s of organizers so I know who to meet up with when I get there.

Lastly, It'd be cool to get the address/directions in the PM with this info ;p I know that stuff is located on the main thread, but it'd be cool to have it centralized in a PM ya know? I'm coming from north so... I'll be taking 101/280 whichever has the closest exit etc.

Anyway, look forward to helping out.
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