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Simple KSC75 to Headband Mod, Easy As Pie (Pics, 56k, maybe..)

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I just realized when I opened my cheap radio I noticed the headphones that come with it. I was going to throw them in the trash, then I realized the 'phones had pins holding the speakers, much like the KSC75. Some redeeming value.....

I. To do this mod you must have the following:

-A KSC75. I'm not sure if older models could use this mod or not (like the KSC35, for example).

-The headphones that come with the Durabrand PR355 (only 5 bucks, not too much of a threat to the wallet) You can easily find it at Wal-Mart. I also found out the Lenoxx Sound PR37 radio uses the same headphones. You can buy that model at Family Dollar.

These also look very much like the headphones: http://www.amazon.com/Parts-Express-...501951&sr=1-21

Here are the headphones that come with the PR355

II. Remove the speakers from the Durabrand 'phones. This is way easier than it looks. They remove just like the clips remove from the KSC75.

III. Remove the clips from the KSC75 and attach the rest to the Durabrand build. No need to remove the grill, that would make this mod useless.

IV. And you are done...

I liked doing it, it took 10 seconds, it cost me only five bucks, and the sound doesn't seem to change, thanks to the fact the Durabrand build doesn't add any closure to the original speakers.
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Cool! Where'd you buy it - I want one!

edit: Nevermind, it's a Wal-Mart brand, right?
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Yep, got it at Wal-Mart.
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I might just head over there tomorrow. And a free radio too!
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Orederable online?
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Originally Posted by ywd View Post
Orederable online?
Nope, its a Wal-Mart only brand.

The maker of it is Lenoxx Sound (www.lenoxx.com). You can try to ask them if you can buy one straight from the manufacturer.
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Hmm, their website shows this with the pr355:

Well, i'll keep an eye out next time i'm in walmart. Thanks for this, btw, looks great.
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I should mention the headphones that came with my PR355 look more like these:

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Nice, I'm going to be doing this soon. Thx for sharing!
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Great job and great find. What did you use to remove the clips, and is there any special method? I don't have the KSC-75, so I can't picture what you're saying. How comfortable is this when it's done? I was thinking about getting the Senn. PX100, but I may do this instead. Thanks.
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The clips are simple to remove by hand. You'd just pull them off. They aren't glued or oddly attached, just by a small little clip that is attached to the outside.

And I found this way more comfortable than the PX100. Stock PX100 pads are fairly thin and the grill hits the side of my ears too much. With thicker pads they are comfy, though.
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oh wow.. i really want to do this!

how's the clamp? does it hold well against your ears?
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hellz ya
i was one day away from modding with a 99 cent headband...but that involved a hot glue gun.
i didnt do it tonight because iwas watching the sox mariners game tonite
awesome i'm running to walmart to get it out.

OP ur a genius
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It doesn't prove a TON of pressure for more bass, but I think it does provide slightly more bass. After bending the headband the bass expands even more, so experiment away. Other areas of the sound seem similar.

And I prefer these WAY more than hot gluing mod to a 99 cent store band because most of them have closed cups that can really screw up the sound quality. And these look pretty clean-cut in my opinion.
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Good find man! I have to try it out if it changes how it sounds I would have to pass.
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