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Originally Posted by 2ndbest View Post
My old ratty Philips HP250's have dropped dozens of times the last two year I used them, but they still function perfectly.
same as my HP250 as well...they were my knock around cans and i used to throw them when i get stressed at work
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Actually, I dropped my icemats just yesterday -.-
They broke, which doesn't surprise me because they always seemed pretty fragile. At the moment I'm looking at a way to repair them, because they weren't cheap and I love them very much. You can see the damage in the photo:
So....anyone experienced in fixing icemats?
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I've dropped my RS-2's a few times. Now there are some nasty dents in the dark wood
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Not exactly dropped phones, but I once had my Koss Plugs ( i know, I know...) fall out of my pocket when I was getting into my stepfathers car. I closed the door, leaving them hanging on the ground outside, we drove off to work, and commented there was a weird rattling noise under the car.

I got to where I work, got out of the car and thought oops my phones are hanging out of my pocket, looked down and theres just wires, no earphones at all left, just bare wire and a little blob of solder on each end.

Sent them back and got a new pair under warranty lol
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I dropped my MDRV6 dozens of times on the carpeted floor. They took it like a champ, not even a scratch. The V6 is by far the most durable headphone I have ever owned.

Pretty boring post huh?
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I dropped my HD580's once on TILE....

I was wiping the headband off right after stripping the paint off slipped out of my hands hit the tile. I went back to my room plugged them in hoping they were fine. Started listening one of the sides sounded quieter..... I than resorted to the No!!!!!!

I started freaking out wondering what was wrong did I ruin the driver? I soon found out the driver had popped out of place and was further away hence the reason why it was quieter. after popping it back into the correct spot they were perfect.
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Well, for my headphone story, I literaly droped my headphones stories!!! I was walking downstairs from the 3rd story of my school with my ultrasones on, and some kid decides to push me. My Ultrasones fell 3 floors!! Right after beating the crap out of him (boy that was a fun fight, on the stairs after school!), I go down to check my ultrsones, to find both drivers disconnected from the headband. So, a little scotch tape, and I was back in business!

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Only read if you have a strong stomach. At the time of that thread, I THOUGHT there was no damage. I'll let you decided if there was or wasn't, based on my new headphone inventory.
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