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Originally Posted by david1978jp View Post
Here is an email from Future Sonic (dated Nov 10, 2009),

"Thank you for the info.
I was interested to see if the set was still covered, however based on your
Roaddog Email they're outside of the 1 Year Manufacturers Warranty period.

What we offer Clients outside of Warranty w/ damaged earphones is a discount
deal on a new replacement set.

Normal price for Atrios(R) is $199.00/set.
We can extend to you the discounted Price of $99.50/set + Shipping w/ the
return of your damaged Atrios(R).

If this is something that you're interested in, let me know & I would be
more than happy to help get the ball rolling for you."

Damn, they didn't offer that to me! And I threw my decayed Atrio M5s out! Maybe this is a new deal to encourage people whose Atrios have simply decayed to stay with the brand...I'd definitely buy a v2 for $99...think I'll ask them.
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i just did a atrio m8 vs. denon c710 review: and i find:

c710 had more bass and more forward highs(too forward) the atrio was more neutral and highs did not distort or sound sibilant at high volumes, c710 was a much louder iem and is indeeed much louder than any iem i have tried. atrio m8 had more clarity at high volumes,, c710 had more bass and mid punch and overall sounded warmer with its achiles heal bein g its overbearing highs. they do even a bit with long burn.

i am slighlty preferring the c710 but it is very close to call,, i guess i prefer the punch that the c710 has and also its cheaper price. also c710 was more in you face where as the atrio provided more music seperation, also that may have made it sound a little thin compared to c710

note i ony used the atrio with the biflanbge tips,,,, would different tips make a huge difference?
i do think that the atrio is the most combfortable iem i have ever worn and far more combfortable than the denon c710, but i still slightly prefer the c710 only slightly because it has more punch
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i also compared the audio technica cks70 to the atrio m8,,
cks70 had way more bass and punch,, atrio was tighter and more neutral with more clarity and less punch,, the cks70 sounded veiled and muffled in comparrison, while lackin the high end of the spectrum the lack of highs for the cks70 is unacceptable
i preer the atrio, but the cks70 did provide one heck of a wallup

next i will try the fx 500 with the atrio
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i consider the atrio to be much like the dt770 - both deep, both good extension on both ends, but both perceived as dark.
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RockinCannoisseur, you can edit your posts with the button on the right if you have something to add, instead of double posting.
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Just got my M5's today and have to say... they sound awesome with lots of bass. I'm use them with a Sony S639F MP3 player and wonder if anyone can help me with microphonics. I use them mainly for walking to and from work, about 6 mile round trip and the sound from the cable rubbing against my neck and jacket this morning was quite bad. I've read about running the cable over your ears and using a clip from a hands free kit also. Do any of these methods help?
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Yes, running the cable over your ears and using a clip both make a big difference.

Try just running them over your ears first. You'll probably have to stick the right can in your left ear and vice versa (you have to switch them because they're upside down and you want the curly part of the phones running over the front of your ear).

The cable should go up the front of your ear and down the back.
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I am looking for new tips for this iem. I have used mostly black foam olives and grey soft flex. Problem was that all the olives are full of trash even after washing them with soap and hot water, making me believe they aren't very healthy for my ears. And the problem with the grey soft flex is that even the L-ones aren't big enough for my ears. So I probably will buy new olives.

But maybe I should try new ones: Most important to me is that they are comfortable and healthy to my ears and second important is that they should be inserted and taking out with the least effort... So what do you guys think would be best??
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The Jays tips!
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Could someone please post a link to the Jays Tips? I too am not satisfied with my olives.

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ok, my ear foams are wearing out really quickly and i need replacements

i went to buy shure foams, but the store clerk said they wont fit (seem a bit bigger, yes i did try to fit them).... are there any other choices? thanks so much!!!!!!!!!
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If by "shure foams" you are referring to the black olives, then they fit the atrio perfectly. There are "foams" made for other shure models (such as the e2c) that won't fit the nozzle of the atrio, but the black olives fit perfectly. Here is a link the medium-sized black olives on amazon, though you may be able to get them cheaper elsewhere: Shure PA910M Replacement Black Foam Sleeves (Medium) for Shure SE210, SE310, SE420, SE530 and SE530PTH Earphones: Electronics
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I personally don't love the olives, I've been using them for the last year or so, I just think I could find a better fit for my own personal ears. I can see that they could work great for others. Could someone please post a link to the "Jays" tips if you can? I cannot find them.

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I need help.

My atrio M5's broke today and I only bought them last august. before the plastic around the connector metal (to the ipod) is broken, and now i am hearing hissing sounds on my left earphone.

Who or where should I go to sort through this? I am from canada so the shipping might be on the expensive side? what should I include? any pointers?

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Call/email Atrio directly. All they need from you is a receipt from an Authorized Dealer and they'll issue you an RMA and ship you out a new pair in exchange for your old/broken ones. Very smooth process!
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