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Couple of Questions about UM2

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After a long reading of the forums, I have decided to go with UM2s even though UM3s are coming soon. Anyways, I have read on one of the threads UM2 needs to be serviced every year since they dont have replaceable filters and ear wax builds up in them. Is that true ??? Reason I am asking, I live overseas and I wont be able to send them to US. I will be ordering from earphonesolutions.com and they don't list the wax tool as an item that comes with UM2 but westone website clearly states that, so is there a wax cleanning tool that comes with UM2 ? My main concern is durability so I ask for the advise of the UM2 owners. Convice me to pull the trigger on this one. Thanks...
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My UM1s came with a wax tool, and I bought it from earphonesolutions as well, so it should come with it. Even if it didn't come with it, I think a DIY wax tool would be easy to make. I don't know the answer to your service question.
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but I think that wax tool is no use...
I never use it ^ ^

and I think it's a problem (big problem) if you're in the tropical country...the cord of UM2 is very easy to decay -*-
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It really depends on the wax/moisture levels in your ears. Another option is to go the custom earpiece route. There's a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from these days, and there's unlikely to be any problems with filter-changing. A side-benefit is that your IEM will sound closer to its ideal state, though I'd personally wait until the release of the UM3 - a much better balanced IEM.
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Thanks for the responses but I think I am gonna go with E500s seems like better choice for my price range but I have read about the "hiss" problem is this a huge problem when unamped or is it just acceptable from a that kind of phone ???
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