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Mp3 player suggestions

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My Nano was stolen last week and need to replace it. I would like something in the 2-4 gig range...flash...with user adjustable EQ....of course sound quality is paramount....cost around $150. I liked the Nano but hayed the Apple attitude....and sadly didn't rockbox it before it was takin. So headfiers let's here your recommendations.
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iaudio u3?
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Cowon D2/Meizu M6/Something by Samsung/Maybe Iriver Clix2/X20 as well...

I have the feeling the Meizu/Samsung players might be top in sound quality followed by D2 then Clix (With all players being pretty equal).

D2 will have a killer killer EQ though.
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why not just get another ipod nano and rockbox it?
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Damn, I'd get a D2.
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The Cowon U3....awesome sound quality...very tiny...light as a feather...can barely feel it in your pocket...plays FLAC...plays OGG...even plays video and does it pretty good...awesome build quality...just an awesome player...best small flash player on the market.

If you don't mind something a little bigger the Cowon D2....it has all the great things the U3 has and a lot more..
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Samsung YP K3. Picked it up on a whim, and expecting to be using it for the limited times when weight would be the determining factor. Was I surprised, as I've stopped using my ZVM, and have to hide this baby to keep it from my three teenage kids who all have excellent mp3s of their own. We all recognize that the sound quality of the K3 tops everything we have used to date. This device does nothing else but play music, and it only plays wma and mp3, but it sure can sing.
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