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Help me name my dual Darkvoices

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Fitz just PM'ed me that my dual bridged monoblock balanced Darkvoice THA-336i's (type that three times fast!) are finished! He's feeding them some Rammstein to give the tubes a healthy dose of bass. He thinks he'll finish up the few remaining cables I ordered tomorrow, and ship this weekend.

He's put a lot of effort into these beauties, and I'd like to pay homage to his effort in the naming of these amps. Help me come up with something appropriate.

Here's a pic from a few days ago. This pick is with stock tubes, Blue LED's and silver screws on the XLR connectors. They now have NOS tubes, Amber LED's color matched by Fitz to my specific tube glow (he purchased 7 different amber & orange LED's to get it just right), and Black screws in the XLR jacks.

He's done so many things unsolicited... touched up the imperfections in the factory paint, detailed the XLR jacks in back to fill the old holes, and installed his own patented (well it should be) tube humm killing mod for free, just to mention a few.

Keep in mind that I want his name prominent in your ideas. Thanks guys. Have fun.
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There's only one possibility. Walker and Texas Ranger.
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Nice, that's a hardcore project. Tough fitting Fitz into a suitable name without doing something corny like Fitz and Fitz.

If that amp (Amps?) were mine I'd call it something like Lefty and Righty. That's about all the "creativity" you can get out of me for a double-up name.

Single name? Fitz Well? Fitz Sweetly? Fitz Awesome? Shruggity! Maybe you don't need Fitz explicity but something Irish flavored will do.
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Ramming Blocks!
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Name of Greek gods come to mind. Apollo and Prometheus.
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Thor and Odin
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Burt and Ernie
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If a set of names is decided by the end of the week, I can mark the name on the back of each amp. Right now they're just FM01 and FM02 where the old serial number used to be.
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Cool! I'm sure that'll work out.
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The Fitzvoice.
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Epileptic Fitz!
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Darkvoice Duet 336-Fitz
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"Master Shake" and "Frylock." And name your phones "Meatwad."
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Hammer and anvil.
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Originally Posted by Spareribs View Post
Name of Greek gods come to mind. Apollo and Prometheus.
Originally Posted by hYdrociTy View Post
Thor and Odin
I like.
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