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When I realised that I liked swearing too much to stop, but didn't want to be ostracised from polite society, I managed to train myself to say "fart", "fiddle" and "bum", in place of nastier words. Once you're in the habit of just using those, you can "swear" as much as you like.
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Originally Posted by stewtheking View Post
When I realised that I liked swearing too much to stop, but didn't want to be ostracised from polite society, I managed to train myself to say "fart", "fiddle" and "bum", in place of nastier words. Once you're in the habit of just using those, you can "swear" as much as you like.
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy swearing as much as the next 17-year-old high school kid; I also, however, know that there is a time and a place for it. (e.g., not in front of [most of] my teachers or mother.)
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Depends. Some people call me polite and delightful to talk to, while others call me the most vulgar person they now
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After 21 years in the US Navy I was a "salty" talker. Then, very early in my second career, I realized the rest of the world does not talk that way. My wife helped tame me. Now, all bets are off, if I strike my finger with a hammer.
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2 in English. 10+ in Greek!
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At work, I'm a 2, but with my friends, I'm probably a 5 where they are all 10's, lol.
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Actually, with 3D animation....I find a cuss a lot. When I was in an office, I actually cussed more then when I normally do! If something wasn't going right with the computer....I'd always be yelling G*D DAM**T, ********* S**T!!!! Surprisingly, my co-workers didn't think I had Tourette's, or got offended....they must have sympathized. Guess some people think those words to themselves at work
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Originally Posted by smeggy View Post
I'm a solid 9 at home and work. I detest the words 'cuss' and 'profanity', it's %$*&@?# swearing!!!

Swearing is fairly free flowing where I work and I'd have had my ass canned long ago if it wasn't. I also use the British model which is a lot more crude and colourful than the native variety. Also sexual innuendo and bottom humour.
yes 'cuss' is a silly word. ive heard it before and it makes me think of cotton fields and cigarettes. profanity is called 'potty talk', nothing less

im a 3 or 4 probably as i take the bus for a living and get mad at those wollies who put their muddy feet on the seats and make the bus their home without thinking of anyone else around... i love to sit next to them and pet their coats and give them back their mud, usually works without a hitch, but if not, smart profanity scares the ***t out of them as they are usually the complete fools on the bus
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Colourful language is a rainbow of creativity. I am a very creative person. As such, I range from 1-11 although I do remain cognisant of my surroundings. I do not take manners and respect lightly.
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Depends on who I am around, the situation I am in and the topic I may be discussing.

Around friends and co-workers, I would say I'm at about a 7 (I'm not proud of it).

When I am driving in my car by myself, I would say I am an 11. I have 'issues' when I am driving.

Around other people and when I am out and about mingling with the general public, I would say zero if I am alone, but in my mind and my thoughts, I am still cursing at about a level 2.

About a 3 If I am with my wife - we love people watching and talking about the number of idiots that surround us, which inevitably leads to us using a few swear words during our conversations.

When working on a PC (be it a hardware related problem, or software related problem) and I am having a particularly difficult time troubleshooting and solving the problem (rare for me), I would say I am at about a 7.

On the rare ocassions I find myself in a Church, zero.

Around Grandma (or elderly people in general) and childred, zero.

Around my father, 4.

There are many more situations I didn't address, but you get the picture.

So I guess that would put me at about an average of 3.78

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Very, very little. In fact, my friends noticed it and insisted I started swearing just a little. I'd say I use profane language perhaps once a month, usually under my breath if I stub my toe or something.
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Depends . . . grandparents' house = 1, around parents would be 2, around girlfriend would be 3, around friends would be 4, while having a hangover would be about 8.
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Originally Posted by TopShelf View Post
A 10 from monday to friday 8am - 5 pm. Working with people in the trades, such as construction etc

But I can turn it off in a heartbeat
Ditto, depends whom I'm talking to. If I'm at work with certain co-workers or if I'm hanging out with the boys then I would rank around an 8 or 9. If I'm with family members or close and personal friends then I put all swearing aside.

The meaning of one of our favorite cuss word:
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Almost never, though sometimes with my younger brother, who is like a tsunami of offensive language, hard not to get temporarily caught up in the tide . Other than that, very few and very far between. Got to the point where it annoys me enough to avoid people who use it in everyday conversation.
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Originally Posted by Davesrose View Post
If we're talking cuss words that Head-fi censors, I do it all the time. Here's an example:

Herbie Hanc**k sounds awesome!!
So much for discussing anything related to Japanese guys named Yama****a or talking about the Matsu****a company...
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