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C&C XO and BOX+ -- all new portable amps available now! - Page 6  

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Keep us updated. Did you try to send them emails first? I got two replies from a person at headb the day I got hte XO.
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I've sent about 4 emails, they haven't responded in the dispute just yet
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keep us updated for sure.
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Just recieved an email from them

"Sorry for the late notice and thanks for your order of the C&C XO. We've received your order and has been working on it, however, due to the limited stock of this special color (purple), we could not make delivery immediately. We've been specially ordering for you directly from the manufacturer but we was told that even they had the purple case back ordered. The most updated info we've received that the coming batch of C&C XO (this Friday) that we'll be receiving will include purple color. And we'll be able to deliver it to you immediately.

We understand that it's a long waiting and we are deeply sorry about that. The best we can do, once we have the stock, we'll upgrade the shipping to ship you using the fastest shipping method, the EMS and provided an additional C&C Mini Crystal as a compensation gift. Again, sorry for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your patient. "

Sounds promising
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Stock how would the box+ compare to the xo and the v2 based on the amp like where would quality stand (surpassing both between below etc.)
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Well, mine just arrived, finally. I have to say, it does look great, and sounds great to me however I have untrained ears.
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Dam classy presentation.
Great job!
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Got my Box+ in less than a week from Hong Kong to Rochester, NY! Very nice unit, solid and classy. This is my first amp. I love the sound. Using 4G 20G iPod and Senn 280's. Has enough options to make anything sound great!
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Originally Posted by C.Felix View Post
Yes, it does and we have a "solution" for it.
What is the solution?
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seems like alot of you guys had problems with headb... i ordered a XO a while ago and I haven't had any issues with it, the package arrived properly packed, and it only took a couple days.
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