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Best website to buy FLAC encoded songs?

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Which is the best place to purchase FLAC encoded songs online? Best in terms of price and collection of songs available for purchase.

Does iTune sell songs encoded in FLAC that are DRM free?
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Usually FLAC files are only made available for purchase/download from certain artists' own web sites. Examples of a couple artists selling certain albums and live shows in FLAC format include Dave Matthews Band and Phish. There are others, of course.

There are some useful links to things like this that you can find by frequenting the FLAC homepage ( http://flac.sf.net ).

No, the iTMS does not sell FLACs, but if you follow the latest news from Apple, they will be selling their EMI catalog in DRM-free AAC format at 256kbps. Perhaps in the future, an even wider range of higher quality DRM-free AAC files will be made available.

EDIT: So save some poking around on the FLAC homepage, click here for a nice listing of lots of things available for sale/download in FLAC format.
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Also The String Cheese Incident sells FLAC files of their live shows.
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Cool, thanks for the info. It appears we're still a way off from having FLAC being in mainstream music.
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You can download lots of Grateful Dead music, including Dick's Picks, in FLAC from the GD Official Store. Slightly cheaper than the packaged versions.
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If you like classical music the philadelphia orchestra offers mp3 and flac.
Avg prices are $6 for a whole cd.

The Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra sells mp3 encoded in 320 kpbs

The cool thing about the Milwaukee Symphony is they have 1 free binaural recording you can download as well as one album that's in binaural you can purchase.

Both do not have DRM on their files.
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