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Worst Fanboys?

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Who do you think has the worst fanboys?
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I'd go with Grado fanboys followed by AKGers. Or if you look at this from another direction Bose and Skullcandy fanboys because they don't have a leg to stand on.

I fully plan on owning AKGs and at least one pair of Grados at some point... but yeah. Sennheiser fanboys I've heard used to be really bad, but they don't seem to be so bad these days.

Oh and pretty much almost any IEM fan that sticks to a single brand is pretty bad.
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I apologize. I feel like I just Godwinn'd the thread.
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i wouldn't pick a brand. i pick the vibes and the senn595 fanboys. they honestly need to stop. the vibes honestly just aren't that great and are ridiculously expensive. the 595's are good, but then the fanboys start disrespecting the 580's and that is very annoying.

down with the vibes. i'm fine with the 595's but not the ******* annoying fanboys.

oh yeah. and down with the vibes
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It has to be Etymotic Research by far, I mean, jeez.

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I'd go with Ultrasone. The discussion ethic in some threads was sometimes really bad. No different opinions "allowed"
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I'm a creative fanboy. I'll recommend the ep630 to anyone.
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Originally Posted by PiccoloNamek View Post
It has to be Etymotic Research by far, I mean, jeez.

those dam ety fanboys *shakes fist*
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Originally Posted by random-adam View Post

I apologize. I feel like I just Godwinn'd the thread.
In all seriousness they probably would have the most rabid fanboys.

I mean honestly if you asked the average person what would they say would be the best headphones? And have you ever tried to convince a stubborn idiot to change his mind even with overwhelming proof of testing?
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Haha.... Ultrasone leads by quite a bit. Doesn't surprise me
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What about Jecklin...

Not that I am referring to anyone in particular...

Just kidding, Duggeh!
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I think this forum is really exceptional when it comes to fanboyism.. I mean, I haven't noticed any particular one at least. Maybe Patrick, what with all the 'ERS makes my system 1,000,000,000 times better', and cotdt with his K701, but other than that..
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Damn, makes? I thought we were going to get the perps names to vote on
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Bose would've been slaughtered in this poll, thus the OP not including the choice.

And yes, I would agree with souperman on the Vibes; the whole thing has been hyped up to an unreasonable extent, and its percussion range/accuracy Kills any value it held for the few seconds before the drum set came in.
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Why was koss not included in the poll?

Anytime anyyyone asks what headphone they should get under a hundred it is always the KSC-75... they are revered so highly here that if anyone says anything badly about them, they are immediately beaten down with the whole 'what do you expect for the price' argument.
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