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Earache & Headphones

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I have a ear infection I soppose due to reoccuring pain in both ears, haven't been to the doc yet. Could listening to my music too loud be causing this instead? Can it aggrevate it? My ears just started hurting when I put in my mx500s.
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yes. this most probably will cause tinnitus (destruction of nerves) if prolonged.
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Take out your headphones and see a doctor before putting them in again. If you don't take care of your ears, you might not be able to use headphones at all in the future. Make sure you discuss headphones with your doctor as well.
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I would go to the doctor.
If in fact you have an infection I doubt that the earphones caused that, but if it's from playing the music too loud you could have cause some damage.
Take care of your ears, you only have one pair.
Good luck and let us know how you made out.
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K. I'll insure my mom gets me an appointment in the morning. Thanks
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Can certain frequencies cause tinnitus, or is it just volume related?
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In the ear "headphones" need care...including cleaning. Sticking things in your ear that you never clean CAN cause infections.
If you have having that much of a problem with your ears see a Ear-Nose-throat specialist and BRING the phones.

You may want to add some good headband type phones to your collection.

And stop using the phones for a week.

Then when you start to use them, always start out at TOO LOW A VOLUME. Your ears will adjust. High volumes when you stick your phones on will hurt your ears.
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I'm bidding on a pair of v6s off ebay right now. I was sitting in class today when I got a ringing in my ears that last for 5 minutes or so If I stop listening the world will be lost
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I agree with everyone here. BE CAREFUL WITH YOUR HEARING!

however, good luck with your doc appointment

let us know how you go (but no pressure, don't tell us if you don't want to!)
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Doc said my sinus were stopped up, something about not being able to drain and going to my ears since my body uses them as a backflow valve, little droplets of white fluid on that celephane like stuff in my ears. Hopefull the med he gave me will clear it all up I'm getting a good pair of sealed phones so I don't have to worry myself about having to turn stuff way up to hear it anymore
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help me....this website kept asking me to enter my username and password. its been like this since i disabled cookies in my user cp !!! can't access usercp to enable cookies !
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Originally post by ssblood

I'm getting a good pair of sealed phones so I don't have to worry myself about having to turn stuff way up to hear it anymore

That's a very good idea and you know wut I'm talking about right?

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I couldn't afford the ER-4Ps, have a trip to germany I must save for this summer, but I went ahead and found some ER-6s, hopefully my slimx will have no problem driving them
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Don't worry, your slimx will have no problems driving the ER 6.

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Originally posted by penvzila
Can certain frequencies cause tinnitus, or is it just volume related?
I think it's got something to do with frequency. I've been suffering through a mild bout of tinnitus for the last few months. It started with a stupid, stupid exposure to an overly loud blues band. ALWAYS bring earplugs!!

The ringing gradually subsided over about a month however I'm not certain it was just time healing things or if my lifestyle changes had anything to do with it (I went cold turkey on caffein and also took massive doses of vitamin A). I also limited my headphone exposure and kept the volume lower than I would like.

Since that initial loud noise exposure, I've found that very high frequencies will set off my tinnitus again. Particular offenders are fourescent light tubes and CRT flyback transformers. This morning I got a blast from a smoke alarm and the ringing feels like I'm back where I was 2 months ago.

Take care of your ears!!! Once you've had damage from loud noise, they're ultra sensitive to high frequency.
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