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Chaintech AV-710 Setup Thread, Including True 44.1kHz Wolfson Output in XP - Page 34

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So I tried to update the drivers to 4.60 but win7 tells me I have the latest drivers, and the  av710 control panel says 5.12 next to drivers even after I installed the 5.40 in xp service pack 2 compatability mode. I set it to 2 and 44.1, and in foobar I have WASAPI speakers (envy 24) selected and 24 bit. I get the error: Unrecoverable playback error: Unsupported buffer size (0x88890016). I get the error for any 16/24/32 mode I select in foobar




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Try uninstalling the drivers in Device Manager and starting from scratch. Not sure where you picked up the 5.12 drivers.

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For those of you still using this card, there are new drivers available that finally install the Audio Deck as part of the setup process in Window 7.  Here's the link to the 32 bit version.




I was browsing Newegg the other day and discovered an inexpensive Syba product that also uses the EnvyPT24 chipset:




Obviously, this chipset is outdated - but I hate discarding working gear, and don't use use my desktop much for music.  My AV-710 still works fine, after all these years.  Also, I've discovered quite by accident last night that my version of the Chaintek actually support front-panel audio, even though the jack does not show up on the printed documentation.

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"I guess all it comes down to is, what is the best combination of driver and control panel?"


... and also, maybe,  a new set of instructions, as the ones in the first post are totally outdated and some links lead to nowhere.. and when thy lead somewhere Windows 7 (32bits in my case) wont let you replace a modern driver with a ´95 one.

So... I am totally confused. I already have a full collection of Envy Drivers (442a/413d/473b/540a &560b)... some simply not recognized by the OS, but none of them show the options described in the tutorial of post one.


Now I learn that driver and control panel are not a single unit (I actually remember having in XP a panel that read "Vinyl" somewhere, I miss it...), so confusion doubles up...


To make it worst, there is NO WAY I can get sound out of that famous "black jack" that provides the Wolfson output. 

Can anyone, please, give me a detailed tutorial of how to make the best set of drivers work with the necessary control panel, and the precise proccedure to obtain sound from that black jack?

Than you very very much...

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i am having totally the same problem as sohho, suggest that is due to how window 7 x32 now update driver.


however, i do find my card is working correctly for the "Back Surr" plug, tested it in sound, configure my Envy24 driver, in 7.1channel, the "black surr" work for SL and SR channel =.=


the green normal jack is also working, just not the wolfosn "Black surr"


can anyone that have experience on more recent window 7 install that can guide? thx

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I have to move this card into a new build and do the driver install all over again, so I'll report back here if I get it to work.  It was a real horror show the last time.


I remember that the black port would never work in one pci slot no matter what I did but would in another, less convenient one.  And I'm pretty sure the 460b drivers were the only ones that worked for me (Win7/x64), but the newer drivers needed to be both uninstalled and deleted or else Windows would refuse to install them.  Forgot how I did that though.  I'm not really sure what the purpose is of installing the newer driver first if its just going to cause that problem.

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I'm also having the same problem as sohho.  I had to reinstall windows, and when I followed the directions in the first post for Windows 7 x64, the result was no sound at all whatsoever, directions that had worked for me three or four years ago on Windows 7 x64.  I have been able to get sound by installing 5.40a by itself and 4.60b by itself, both through setup.exe, compatibility Windows XP SP2, as well as letting Windows Update install its own audio driver that doesn't give me the control deck, but kernel streaming will not work in winamp regardless of how I mess with the settings. The only way I've been able to get kernel streaming to work in winamp is by installing the drivers version 5.60c (no compatibility mode), but no matter how I fiddle with the channel and sampling rate settings, I can't get output out of any jack but the green.  Has someone found a way?


A note about the instructions for Windows 7 x64 in the original post: I can install 5.40a fine, restart, and when I go to device manager to update the driver with the 4.60b files, I point it to the directory.  If I choose to let it scan automatically, it says my drivers are up to date, if I choose to choose which driver to install manually, my only choice is "VIA Family Audio Controller WDM" and there's no option to install a 64-bit version.


Another weird note, and the most inexplicable thing about this mess: I'm using the same install disc as when I originally installed Windows 7 and the procedure in the OP worked.  What could have possibly changed to make Windows 7 reject these drivers?

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Windows 7 won't let you downgrade the drivers that way anymore, the only way to get the 4.60b drivers to install once you've already had the newer ones is to uninstall and delete the previous driver files.  Simply uninstalling the device won't work, if the newer drivers are still there it will automatically use those instead.


I installed the 4.60b drivers on a clean Windows 7 system by right clicking on the .inf, without installing any of the newer drivers first, and I'm getting audio out of the black jack.

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Could you be more specific about what you did?  I'm looking through my folder for the 4.60b drivers, and I can't find any files with the .inf extension besides envy24hf.inf and viaudoem.inf in \drivers\amd64\.  I cleaned out my 5.60c drivers, restarted, and right-click open on both of them opens them in notepad, while right-click install produces this install error "The INF file you selected foes not support this method of installation", with a close button.

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Envy24_Family_64 Bit Drivers_V460b\Drivers\AMD64\Envy24HF.INF


I don't think it would be any different to install them through the device manager vs right clicking install on them.

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OK, I used your link but I still got the install error again, so I installed it through device manager by pointing that wizard all the way to \Envy24_Family_64 Bit Drivers_V460b\Drivers\AMD64\ instead of just the root of the driver directory like before.  I used the option in the wizard which has windows choose the driver software automatically instead of allowing you to pick from a list.  The result was output from the black jack, but no kernel streaming, and I couldn't toy with the control panel because it wasn't installed.  This was all on a system with no drivers at all before installation.


So I uninstalled that and decided to mimic the process in the OP.  I started by running the setup.exe for 5.40a (compatibility mode: XP SP2), restarting and installing the 4.60b .inf through device manager, still pointing it to \Drivers\AMD64\ and restarting again.  After configuring the control panel, kernel streaming worked but the black jack did not.  I uninstalled all of that and repeated it except using 5.60c's setup.exe (no compatibility mode), and the result was identical.


So I tried something I thought I tried already.  I just ran 4.60b's setup.exe (compatibility mode: XP SP2), restarted, configured the control panel to (and I think this is important) be on the speaker setting that just says 2, "s/pdif out" enabled, "pcm only" enabled, sample rate 44,100hz.  The rest of the settings I have not touched, and I didn't install anything through the device manager.  The result is functioning kernel streaming through the black jack via both foobar and winamp.


Thanks for setting me on the right track, dafoomie.  Hopefully there's enough information here that people can get all the features out of this card for another few years.

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Your process is perfect, it should be in the OP.


I removed 4.60b, installed 5.40a through setup, then installed 4.60b through setup without removing the previous version and configured the panel with those settings.  Works great.


Also, if anyone has difficulty getting sound once you switch to 44.1k in the audiodeck panel, you have to go into the control panel, open sound, click properties on your playback device (usually says speakers or something), then in advanced, the default format needs to be 16 bit, 44100hz.  Mine for some reason defaulted to 48000 and nothing but kernel streaming would play initially.

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To clarify, the current solution for Windows 7 64-bit is to download and install the XP64 4.60b drivers with XP SP2 compatibility mode enabled? If so, I will update the OP.

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I encounter the same problem as many posts here (win7 tells me I have the latest drivers when tried to update the drivers to 4.60) when moving to Win7-64.

Eventually I use the following steps to mix the old driver with the new audio deck successfully.


0. Extract V460b driver to a location.


1. Install V460b first by updating driver in Device Manager (provide the location of the extracted driver in step 0).

This is how I install the older driver first.

2. Install V540a by running the setup problem in XP sp2 compatibility mode.

Now my driver is updated to the new one together with the new Audio Deck.

3. Now goes to Device manager and roll back the driver to a older version.

This way the new Audio Deck will still be kept in place.

4. Reboot.

5. Adjust setting in Audio Deck to be "PCM mode" and "Auto" sample rate with S/PDIF enable.

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Six years later and this thread is still helping me get my old $20 PCI sound card to blast some tunes into my headphones. Thank you, infinitesymphony and all.

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