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Originally Posted by DSlayerZX View Post
well... around 8 years ago, I lost hearing in BOTH of my ear.
I went to the doctor

He actually use a funnel along with something that is similar to a vacuum. The funnel allow air to flow so I only hearing the movement of wind but only little pressure on the ear drum

I have to say... it was kind of gross.. I think the doctor had like... 10 different heads for the small vacuum machine for sanitary reason... but those ten heads actually ran out and he need to clean them to reuse them again....

(my father, watching on the side, said that there was around 3 CM^3 of stuff coming our from each ear... don't know if that is true or not =_=


additional info, yeah, I use cotton swap daily after shower.. that is ... if I shower daily =_=
Anyway, I found that it is the easiest time to clean year since that's when the canal are moist and easy to get stuff out.....

PS: I only picked my ear with my little finger, then actually pulled out a piece of ear wax that is about the same width as my finger nail =_= .... ew.......
waaaay too much information
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Originally Posted by rb67 View Post
I wish I had flaky ear wax It seems I'm the only asian I know with the wet type.
nope m2. UM docs are great at cleaning ear wax seeing how often they see me...LOL
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Great question - I am prone to ear infections. I have heard that using Hydrogen Peroxide and then rinsing is both good and awful. Does anybody know the truth?
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When I went to my doctor to check up on my ear (because of pass surgery), she cleaned it out by using warm water (which I guess was a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water), then used some sort of vacuum to suck it all out. That part hurt a bit. Then the remaining peices of ear wax, she would use something that I'm guessing is similar to the asian earwax picks, then use the vacuum again to suck things out.

After that she added some ointment for the affected ear, and I was ready to go.
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[QUOTE=kramer5150;2916721She had a BUNCH way deep inside too, but I refused to dig too deep.[/QUOTE]What worries me about DIY is you might end up moving the superficial stuff deeper and end up with a worse problem.

Shawna (sp?) the audiologist at the national meet wouldn't do an impression because I was too clogged. Picked up a DIY kit at the drug store and tried cleaning at home. It was a rubber suction bulb syringe thing and a bottle of 6.5% carbamide peroxide. Took a lot of tries (Shauna said it might take 20) over an hour and a half bouncing between being soaking wet over the sink and lying down on my side and getting a little dizzy from holding my head sideways. In the end, a lot of little stuff was removed, and my hearing improved a bit, but I still feel like there's stuff deep inside. Hard to say if it's better or worse because my ears were still stuffed from flying--they always get stuffed like that when landing and stay that way for a few weeks.

Maybe I'm just overly cautious because I was poked pretty close to the eardrum as a kid--lots of blood, but no bullseye--and my sinuses always seem a little stuffed up. The main thing about DIY, even if you have the right technique, is that you can't see what's going on inside. Also, a little wax is a good thing (tm).
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SiBurning, sounds like my ears... I had an ear drum rupture for no apparent reason when I was young. My guess is that it has something to do with the functioning of the eustachian tubes, which allow pressure equalization. Mild allergies also have similar effects.
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As long as we're on the subject of ear cleaning at home: Can Debrox actually expire? I have some in the cabinet that has passed the expiration date on the box, but it's basically hydrogen peroxide, right?
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I have aurodex.

I bet swimmers ear stuff will help.. Doesn't it dissolve earwax in order to let water out or something?
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Originally Posted by johnsonad View Post

For my patients I use 25/75 hydrogen peroxide and warm water as stated above under pressure (a 20cc syringe usually) and gently flush the ear. First I let it set in the ear canal and 'bubble' then flush. The best way to maintain clean ear canals is to use soap and warm water in the shower daily. This will prevent the need to have them flushed in the office. You can easily do this yourself and don't need any help. Remember, gentle pressure as you can rupture the TM.

will that warm water syringe method wash away any thing like that might be inside? like an insect that might be trapped?

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Went to get ear impressions, he said my ears were fairly clean, but for me to use audispray every 2 days a week before seeing him, lets see how it goes. Other than that I rinse them in the shower every morning and gently syringe them out with warm water afterwards. I don't have very waxy ears luckily
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Not so much waxy ears but smaller ear canals that block easily.  Seem to need unclogging every six months or so (though it's a lot better now that we have a shower installed in the house).  Worst one was when I couldn't hear the alarm much on one side.  Just had mine done about a fortnight ago (I also seem to need it after a heavy cold)which was fun.  Had the funnel held to my ear as the nurse used the jet spray and cleaned it out, unfortunately the stuff missed the funnel completely and ended up down my left arm and leg!



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I have a problem with wax build up in my ears and have lost my hearing a few times because of it, I'll spare you the details but my doctor recommended Sudafed if I noticed the wax starting to build up and it works for me, but make sure to get the real stuff you have to sign for.

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I reccomend to patients with excess ear wax (cerumen) use mineral oil to dissolve the excess wax.


Lay on the unaffected side, squirt mineral oil into the "clogged"ear and watch a 30min television show. The wax will liquify and run out of the canal. You will probably require multiple treatments to clear a large amount of wax or a cerumen plug. Also- stop using the Q-Tips.


Removal of excess ear wax is definately the biggest upgrade you will ever make to your rig.



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