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Originally Posted by labrat View Post
The use of Olive-oil have been prescribed by several doctors, it makes the hardened ear-wax softer, and loosen it from the ear-channel walls so the deposits comes out easy when using the rubber-syringe to flush the ear-channel with luke-warm water.
The rubber-ball with a soft syringe/tube you get at the pharmacy.
The oil also softens the skin, and relieves the irritation the skin is subjected to when cleaning your ears.
You do not need to have the oil in there all night, only keep it in there 30 mins/one hour, that is sufficient.
I use soft ear-plugs to seal the ear and keep the oil in there when I do this procedure.
Any other stuff, like Q-tips and cotton-balls is not adviced by any doctors.
Yeah... considering that the Wikipedia article on earwax mentions the use of olive oil as one variant treatment, without mentioning any negative effects, it's almost certainly not going to be as bad as Duggeh suggested. I mean, every commercially available earwax-softening solution (in the US at least) has glycerine in it, which is another organic oil not too unlike olive oil, and obviously that stuff hasn't rotted too many ears out since it's still on the market and selling well.

Plus, considering that we humans spend our entire lives completely covered in a thin coat of oil/grease secreted by our skin and we manage to usually not rot until we die... olive oil is probably not going to rot in your ears.

The Wikipedia article, though, does mention that there's very, very little difference in effectiveness between using oil-based solutions (like straight olive oil or Debrox) and using just plain ol' water. So if you're queasy about pouring oil into your ears, apparently it's only a miniscule bit more effective than using water anyways.
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Theodoric of York fully supports ear candling. Not as effective are bloodletting, leeches or a couple of hours on the rack but it is acceptable when you can't make it in to see you local Medieval Barber.

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I've befriended a spider monkey down here in peru that picks the earwax out of my ears for me. he also does a number on grubs in my hair and crabs in my....well never mind
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So I went to the doctor today (a general check-up--not specifically for an ear cleaning) and I asked her to clean my ears. But she didn't feel like it was a good idea. I don't know why she was hesitant to do it, but she said they were "clean enough." On my way home, I went to Walgreens to get the ear cleaning device they sell (syringe + drops--the one most people say the doctor does). I will try that and see how it works out. If it doesn't, I will try to get a referral or something.

I've actually started the "warm water + soap in the shower" routine, but I feel like there's stuff leftover from before. That's why I'm concerned.
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I, too, went to the doctor today and had my ears "irrigated" to remove excess wax. The doctor echoed the negative sentiments expressed regarding the "Ear Candle" method.

Twenty bucks and twenty minutes later I left with a pair of brand spanking new (or at least clean) ears. Not exactly a fun process, but the results are undeniably outstanding!
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Hydrogen peroxide in the ear while laying on your side. Let it bubble for a while, stick a cotton ball in and flip over. Repeat with the other ear.

I've done this when I had a small ear infection/irritation.
I also did a garlic/olive oil mixture that really helped a lot (for irritation). That's not for cleaning, however.
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Seeing this thread just now, incidentally I submitted a post in another thread, very related to this topic.

The doctor today told me not to clean my ears too frequently because, in my case, I don't produce that much wax, so I can irritate the skin inside my ear canals quite easily with the cotton swabs.
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Lucky you.
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Thanks for setting me straight, guys! Just shows to go that there is always more to learn about a whole lot of things. I'm not too keen on the doctor jetting out the ear canals with a syringe. Do it yourself, as you are sensitive to your own overpressuring, and can let up. The doc just pushes...but they are good for some other problems.

Laz that is not to say that I'm cool, I just felt like it...
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Originally Posted by PYROphonez View Post
I've done this when I had a small ear infection/irritation. I also did a garlic/olive oil mixture that really helped a lot (for irritation). That's not for cleaning, however.
For irritation in the ear canal I would rather apply any generic hydrating cream to the swab (or even the mixture of water and peroxide) instead of anything organic like garlic+natural oil. The latter might smell quite a bit, and might eventually decompose if you leave some.
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Use those asian earwax picks.
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well... around 8 years ago, I lost hearing in BOTH of my ear.
I went to the doctor

He actually use a funnel along with something that is similar to a vacuum. The funnel allow air to flow so I only hearing the movement of wind but only little pressure on the ear drum

I have to say... it was kind of gross.. I think the doctor had like... 10 different heads for the small vacuum machine for sanitary reason... but those ten heads actually ran out and he need to clean them to reuse them again....

(my father, watching on the side, said that there was around 3 CM^3 of stuff coming our from each ear... don't know if that is true or not =_=


additional info, yeah, I use cotton swap daily after shower.. that is ... if I shower daily =_=
Anyway, I found that it is the easiest time to clean year since that's when the canal are moist and easy to get stuff out.....

PS: I only picked my ear with my little finger, then actually pulled out a piece of ear wax that is about the same width as my finger nail =_= .... ew.......
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Cerumen removal fluid. Should have been the first and only reply to the OP. You can find it at any drugstore, and works like an absolute dream.
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seriouslly guys ...go to the doc , ask him to use the syringe and mixture soultion if the doc is as wise as you to try out DIY on body schematics not featured on head-fi/headwize for a reason and ask him to blow in you ears

i did that 2 years back and im making another visit this week
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Originally Posted by ojyarumaru View Post
Use those asian earwax picks.
I had an EX-gf in college who had one of those. Its a little wooden scoop thingie. She was adamant her ear was clogged, and asked me to look inside. Sure enough she had a HUGE blob of orange goo. It was right there too.... not way- down inside. I was hesitant, poking around, but she was really annoyed by it. So I carefully/slowly pulled out the pea-sized orange blob, knowing if I pulled it out too fast the vacuum could do more damage than the presence of the wax-blob.

She had a BUNCH way deep inside too, but I refused to dig too deep. She went to the doctor and they flushed out the rest with peroxide and distilled water.

FYI to those who were wondering, dry earwax is yellow and just looks like dry pieces of skin... dandruff. I can hear it tumble/move around in my ear. Thats when I shake my head to get it to shift towards the outside and use a q-tip and dust it out.
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