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Speaker Amp?

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Bit off-topic but I know and trust you guys =]
I am looking to possibly grab a pair of speakers ($200 pair of Bookshelves, AER Pisces). Thing is they are passive and known to be on the power hungry side of things so I would need an amp to go with them - anyone know a decent 50W per channel amp for ~$200 (+-) to go with them? (8 ohms). Don't really care tube or SS, although with headphones I prefer SS. Primary requirements are balanced sound and decently small size.
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You can get a 2x100W T-amp for about $100. They are small and don't need heatsinks, and use very little power. Sound quality is really good, much better than the smaller T-amps like the sonic impact.
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I have not heard the AER Pisces, but a simple search concludes that they are similar to B&W. If, this were true I would look for a used Rotel receiver, or integrated amplifier. Another option could be a bidding on a Harman Kardon stereo receiver at the Harmon Audio store on e-bay.

JVC receivers with the Hybrid Feedback Digital Amplifier technology are not too bad either.
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I agree go with a Rotel or look for a used Adcom 535 or 545 in Audiogon.
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