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For Sale: Nitty Gritty Record Doctor III  

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I am selling my nearly new Nitty Gritty Record Doctor III record cleaning machine. I purchased it from Audio Advisor about two months ago. It operates flawlessly. In fact, I have upgraded it with the KAB bearing, and it works much better than it originally did. The platter now sits at the correct height. The unit came with a slightly imperfect finish, as is common with the Record Doctor III. I am asking $125 for the machine and upgraded bearing. This includes shipping in the continental US. I will accept a PayPal transfer or a postal money order. Please PM me if you are interested. Feel free to read my feedback:
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have you sold your nitty gritty record cleaner?ne

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If you still have the NGIII machine(w/new bearing), I am interested in purchasing it!

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It said "SOLD" ,and this thread was created little over 4years ago.


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Would like to buy.  My email is:

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Did you notice that this sold over four years ago?
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