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Originally Posted by slwiser View Post
Flexibility for me is the advantage for me.

Advantage to me is that it keeps my coaxial input open for another source that I may want to use like a universal player (optical) that I have and my M-Audio USB audiophile (coaxial). BTW, I have ordered the XLR Hagusb but have yet to get it. I sold my HagUSB coaxial to another forum member only to re-order this XLR unit. Another consideration is that the impedance on the XLR is 110 ohm and apparently on the RCA plug connection the impedance is not as exact as it is with the XLR. Not that you would tell any real difference if you keep you cables 1 m or shorter using the Lavry.

I have will have three sources running into my Lavry this way. I have done some A/B stuff with my Oppo and computer files. I actually think the optical out of the Oppo is just a bit better than the M-Audio that I am using on my coaxial input now but not by much. I also want to check out how much difference I can tell in the HagUSB-XLR device and the others.
Gotcha... for me this would be dedicated to my PC and the Lavry out to a singal non balanced amp.
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...It's finally here.

....And it's spectacular.

So this is what high-end sound sounds like....can't believe I wasted time with the x-dac v3 , vda-1, Juli@ .m-audio transit...etc.

It like being pulled into the mastering studio with the music , the dac it'self has no sound of it's own. No harshness whatsoever, plays everything without effort.
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Congrats on having a nice piece of equipment there but I would not say it was a waste of time with the other equipment. There is value to learning the sounds of things. Some of those you mention are very good as well. Maybe not as good as the Lavry, but I am sure some of this is personal preference.
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The DA10 is an awesome piece of equipment. I've never heard PRaT like it with the Senn HD 600, and the detail... Let's just say, I've found myself laughing in astonishment at how great music sounds with it. biggrin.gif


As a musician whose aim was to recreate the sound of live music with my music listening setup, the Lavry is doing a fine job. I've found that going from the HD 600 to the HD 650 with the Lavry made music sound much warmer, almost like using a tube amp.


Initially, I have found the Lavry to sound slightly dry in places, and lacked the sparkle of other amps I've tried, but the timbre of the Lavry is otherwise great. Has anyone here made any amendments to their Lavry setup resulting in notable sonic enhancements?

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DA10 is very sensitive to power supply. As a minimum, get a good power cable . Ideally, a power conditioner. And that 's about it. Lavry has reasonable jitter correction so source upgrades aren't worth it.

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