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Does anyone on earth still own these and use it a lot?


Even after being out of the plastic less than 6 months the pads have fallen apart. No big deal.


What is your favorite amp for them?


Out of nowhere I decided to try them with an old Technics receiver from 93. It has an output impedance of 330ohm!

The Koss A/250 is rated at 60ohm, but it sounds amazing with this receiver!


It seems a bit fuller sounding and way less harsh. Maybe this isn't how it's REALLY supposed to sound.


Right now it sounds pretty much like  maybe a DT-880 with a larger soundstage. Maybe i'm a bit off, but it sounds pretty good now.

I wasn't able to create this sound from any of my amps. Not the E9, Micro Amp or portables.


Now I bet this would sound amazing with a huge monster tube amp.


Right now i'm using ODAC to receiver. Just as a test.

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Koss Just sent me a Pair of ProAAAT headphones as a replacement for the A250.  I just wanted new ear pads.  In my opinion the A250 was better, less harsh in the 4khz range.  These Pro4AAAT are brand new, and I have not broken them in.  I will give them a chance before my final thumbs down.  My Advice, Keep the A250's until they do not play sound.  Duct tape the foam if you have to!  They are very difficult to beat for over all sound accuracy and quality.

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Mine have had several sets of pads and driver foams. Koss UK sent me replacements for free when I was over there but I have had to pay in Australia. I just had a driver replaced too for $54. The build quality is surely crap, which is such a shame because they are really great headphones. For years I've been looking around for a more durable equivalent but nothing I have tried matches their combination of speed, detail and non-harsh treble energy (in my price range at least). The SA5000 is the closest I've heard but I found them prone to sound awful with music not really well recorded.


I have just bought a pair of AD900X hoping they might be a more durable alternative. They are pretty good, but not in the class of the A250s. Next stop AD2000X... unless there is a Dr Frankenhead-fi out there that wants to try transplanting the Koss drivers into the AD900 shell?

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