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My first Classical Concert. What to wear?

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So I'll be going to my first classical concert. The Orchestre Philharmonique de Radio France will be performing Berlioz's Symphonie Fantastique.


What should I wear to this?
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Anything you like!
If it wasn't for the stuffy dress code that pervades classical music concerts then the whole genre would be a lot more accessible to some.
I've attended concerts all over the country with my wife (or when she's playing) and I tend to dress smart --- as I would for any occasion whether that be a gig, jazz or classical or a trip out to the shops.
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Oh, and thoroughly enjoy it!
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Since it's your first, better to dress up then down IMO You don't have to get too extravogent, but a nice oxford shirt and slacks is nice. I've noticed that here in ATL, there are enough younger people that go to the classical concerts that it's not just suits and ties anymore. But t-shirt and jeans may be a bit too casual
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Something comfortable.
A first rate orchestra with seriously enjoyable music: HAVE A GOOD TIME.
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Are you going on your own? If you are going with a girl I would suggest dressing up and hitting a nice bar after. At least thats what I did.
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I saw my first classical sort of concert earlier this month. Einaudi at the Usher Hall. I dressed up in shirt tie and jacket along with my friends. It was a great night.
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i wore a t-shirt and jeans to see the St. Louis Symphony all the time, had no nasty looks or anything. however it's probably safer to wear slacks and an oxford shirt; good luck getting that on me when i was like 7 though.
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I haven't got down to a good concert in a while. The last one was a prom in the summer, so I think I was in shorts and a t-shirt, with some scabby student sandals.

If you're comfortable with what you;re wearing then it'll be bloody obvious to anybody who cares that you are there for the music. Anybody looking at you in a snooty way is hardly somebody you care about impressing.
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I wear a TUX.
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From the page on the sidebar:

This is a Classical Kids Club concert.

Students: This is an Arts & Eats event.
Clearly, then, a shirt with buttons and some trousers, khakis or slacks, etc. You could even wear nice jeans and a blazer with a dress shirt.

People can say (or think) nothing to someone who looks smart. If you could care less about what others think (evidently not), then shorts and sandals would be it!
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Thanks for all the great responses. I think I'll head down there in office type of clothing. Man I'm really excited.
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a double post, after another's post. The planets must be in alignment!
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unless it is opening night or a gala event, no one dresses up, so anything really.
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Sidenote: don't start to clap your hands frantically after the ouverture, just wait the other people attending should make you aware when to clap.

This is going by my classical music teacher though, I've never been to a classical music concert (yet) unfortunately, but that's soon to change.
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