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HDCD: Ripping & Playback

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As I am ripping files, I always rip in two formates: MP3 for universal playback, and flac for quality with my home system. A large number of my disks are HDCD encoded.

So since I am ripping using a lossless format (bit perfect), shouldn't all the HDCD info be there at playback?

If so, is there a software HDCD media player?
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There is. Windows Media Player. It works for me with the physical disk; ripping is quite another matter, even though it is true that all the HDCD data is on a lossless file. Proprietary decoding is the issue. In summary, I think, the way to get HDCD in file format is to use a plugin to record what WMP is decoding onto a 24 bit file. Lots of trouble for a benefit questioned by even many audiophiles. Cool project though. Read the last 1/4 of this discussion if you want more info, or the link there for even more depth: http://www.hydrogenaudio.org/forums/...hp/t30999.html
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I have been wondering the same thing for some time. Too bad Foobar does not have a way to play HDCD.
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The lossless flac file is still a HDCD file. To play it from your computer you have three options from easiest to hardest:

1. Burn the flac to a RBCDR and play with WMP9, you must have a 24 bit soundcard.

2. Play it thru foobar ASIO, no plugins, volume maxed, bitperfect soundcard digital out to a HDCD decoding DAC. If you have true bit-perfect you will get the red HDCD light.

3. Use the Chronotron Plugin to save a 24bit wave file of the burned RBCDR playing thru WMP9. You can then convert this to flac and play with foobar. I had a post explaining this in detail.

Is it worth it? Yes, when a HDCD is played without being decoded it is has less dynamic range than if the recording had just been made standard RBCD. In other words that little HDCD pamphlet its chok full of marketing lies.
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Even the easiest one seem like a project to me. I don't have a 24bit sound card or a HDCS DAC (expcept my Rotel CDP).

What is the link to the option 3?
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Thanks guys. Especially Regal's 1,2,3 nut shell of the subject.

So can anyone recommend an hdcd dac?
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I know the first gen of the Musical Fidelity X-Dac decodes HDCD. The one in the round can not the box enclosure.
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I have a computer and HDCD dac in my car. Might have to give this a try
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