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For Sale: Stax SRDX Pro Energiser

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I've been reducing my collection of Stax gear over recent years, and I've decided it's time to let this go!

This is the SRD-X Pro I'm selling. I have owned it since new. It is still boxed with the instructions and in perfect working order. Cosmetically, there is a patch on one side of the casing where the paint has sort of bubbled and flaked. The case underneath is however the same colour! There is no obvious reason for this - there's nothing been spilled on it or anything. It has been extremely well cared for. My guess is that the paint simply doesn't bond to the plastic body in the way it would to a metal one.

It also comes with a mains adapter for the UK but of course, Stax enthusiasts will know that the unique selling point of this energiser is its ability to also run from batteries.

As for sound quality...well, from my Perpetual Technologies DAC and through my Lambda Sig Pros, I personally find it indistinguishable from my SRM3 ! OK, my hearing isn't what it once was as my years advance but whatever way you look at it, the quality is outstanding.

These don't come up very often and are difficult to value. I'm asking for £100 plus the postage to wherever - I'm happy to post anywhere as long as the cost is covered. It weighs a touch over 1.5kg when parcelled up. So including insurance, using Royal Mail's standard parcels, that's just about a tenner.

Please feel free to ask me any questions.

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Hey- is the SRD X Pro still available- is so, let me know. Scottsmrnyc
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