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Nokia N95 Sound Quality

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i cant believe i started this thread lol! n95 is a brick hissy toy!@


Does anybody know about the sound Quality of this phone?
I know that devices such as this which claim to 'do everything' (e.g. this one has gps 5mp camera etc etc) accomplish very little with the attempt to integrate everything into one device.
Whats got me interested is the intergration of windows media player 10 and the support for micro sd ,wifi and ofcourse...the 3.5mm output slot and usb/ But I cant find specifics on sq anywhere.

plus it would be cool to be able to use these http://static.zoovy.com/img/bluehead...orola_s805.jpg (bluetooth headphones)
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i dont think it is out yet but ill forward to play it.
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Its out just on individual order basis only - world wide. apparently it sounds 'great' but that is not any indication of what I am after hehe
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The fact that it has a direct 3.5 mm input and they advertised the unit in some ads with some pretty high q shennheisers would indicate that they are really trying with this phone...u never know it might actually surprise us.

One would have to do a listening test and take a look inside the phone itself to know whether the sq measures up I would think.
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does anyone know the sq of various other nokia phones?

Has anyone tested the sq of any other nokia phones?? n91 etc??
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Originally Posted by Mr_Junesequa View Post
Has anyone tested the sq of any other nokia phones?? n91 etc??
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Heres something-

Thanks IMNSV

I felt the review was a bit nokia biased. I wonder what features the new n series have over the old one? More research!

"Sound quality
Another very subjective parameter, so the presence of a focus-group was very essential here. Personally, I find the sonic experience I get with the N91 far ahead of that of the W950i in just about every way – from volume to reproduction of high and low frequencies, solid basses and so on. On the other hand, the soft sounding of the W950i will perfectly fit some genres (classical music, for example). We tested the sound quality in the following way: offered the member of the focus group to listen to a handful of tracks (electronic, jazz, rock, pop) in identical headphones, Sony MDR-EX71, with the device hidden in a drawer.

Before revealing the outcome of the test, we are ought to mention some delicate aspects. Nokia N91 can deal with these formats: MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, Real, WAV, WMA, M4A, AMR-WB, True Tones, AMR-NB. While SE W950i supports MP3, AAC, AAC+, E-AAC+, WAV, m4a. As you see the number of formats available with the W950i is smaller, yet in real-world situations it is not vital, for many users prefer keeping their music in MP3 or WMA (and sometimes WAV).

A few words about the sound settings in these two handsets. In Nokia N91 the user can take advantage of the equalizer coming included with six presets (Acoustic, Bass Booster, Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Rock) and default mode, also nothing prevents you from playing around with the equalizer to make up your own mode. The focus-group members noted that the equalizers don’t have any significant impact upon the sounding, thus the default settings are still the best choice. But in return the Stereo Widening, as well as the Loudness effect bring something new to the way the N91 sounds, however to me it’s more of a psychological factor, since I doubt they would have noticed it if I hadn’t said them about it. Balance adjustment was not appreciated by the focus-group member, or, better to day, they rated it as a useless feature.

The W950i works pretty much in the same manner: ten presets (including Mega Bass) and the default mode, the user is cut off manual equalizer management, but this isn’t something most would crave for. The members of the focus group appreciated the “Loudness” equalizer – as they say, it is the only way to go, since other settings aren’t that interesting. For example Mega Bass improves the basses, but at full blast the player can’t cope with such powerful basses and starts creaking etc. A remarkable aspect: the items stored in the N91 outside the equalizer menu (stereo widening, and Loudness) could have been moved to the same place where Sony Ericsson W950i has them. Really, the W950i doesn’t sport stand-alone menu items such as “Loudness” or “Mega Bass”

In the sense of subtle settings these models are evenly matched – the available sound settings will never leave you bored with default sounding, at that either of the handsets can brag about some exclusive add-ons to the traditional equalizers. The same goes for the supported formats – you will have everything you need with either of the phones (though I would really love .ogg support), including any-bitrate-enabled mp3’s"
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have found out so far over 4 forums and 3 interesting blogs and a plethora of useless websites.


1. full 8 band equalizer
2. only 2gb mini sd!

I am on the verge tracked down someone from nokia europe
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The Nokia N95 uses an imbedded Texas Instruments OMAP 2430 Processor which (since this is a mobile computer) is the digital analogue converter!

The TWL4030 is the audio manager within the OMAP which does all the converting.

"The TWL4030 has class- AB/D audio amplifiers, high speed USB 2.0 transceiver, battery charger circuitry and much more into a highly integrated single chip. In addition to audio/voice codecs and amplifiers, the audio resources on the TWL4030 include stereo/mono audio support for speakers, earpiece and headsets, analog and digital mixing, analog/digital microphone support as well as noise cancellation circuitry."

AB/D audio amplification

"Audio power amplifier circuits that are arranged to operate in either a class AB or a class D operating mode. A drive circuit is configured to share control between a class AB driver and a class D modulator/driver circuit. The input signal level is monitored to determine their levels. When the input signal level is below a minimum signal level, the audio power amplifier circuits are operated in a standby mode. The power amplifier circuits are operated in a class AB mode when the input signal levels are in a defined operating range that exceeds the minimum signal level. When the input signal levels exceed a maximum signal threshold, the power amplifier circuits are operated in a class D mode. Hysterisis can be employed to minimize oscillation conditions about any one particular trip-point for the operating modes."

the 'D' amplifiers used by Wolfsten and the 'AB' amplifiers on the market - both great. wolfsten now use AB/D amplification which can switch amplification mode seamlessly -on the fly - perfect for a phone ->


Unfortunately however the lineout on this is dual/audio video, so there are bound to be various offenders in the signal path...not sure yet - still researching.

it is also possible to listen to music through USB out as the usb transciever is part of the 4030 and this is after all a mini computer of sorts, or at least made up like one!!

OH and firmware upgrade will allow for bigger sd card support/
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never mind
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Mr Junesequa, I'm also interested in this subject. I used to own a SE W950i but didn't think it was not good enough -even for casual listening. I am not so sure about the N91 -I think it's pretty good -whatever that means Never listened to it.. And the N95 -I would love to hear a review where it was compared to N91/iPod/other dedicated players...

Have you done some more research??
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Will have to do an A/B compared to the N93 that I have...

Granted, the chip in mine (TSC2301) isn't class D (only class A), but it is still 20bit etc etc (PDF Here) and can power 32ohm cans at up to 14mw per channel...

Must drop some AAC files onto my MiniSD
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Originally Posted by lmnsv View Post

Doesn't look too good there

I'll see if I can get around to a quick five minute comparison between my N80 and N93... not that there is any real relevance to the N95... Until I get one that is
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All I can say is, it's not very pretty...
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