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One headphone. Thats it!

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If you were going to own one headphone and no other, which one would it be?
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In my dream: a custom-made closed headphone that provides 100% seal+isolation, and the cups are made to fit my pinna, which are collapsible and portable, have an internal (extremely tiny) processor that calculates the amount of dB produced and the ability to limit that amount, and above all the most amazing sq.

In reality: Sony R10, if IEM's aren't considered "headphones".
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I would keep my black Stax Omega II.
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Omega II with a good amplifier. Godly.
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Etymotic ER4P/S - will never get rid of mine.
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HD650/700 with the best rig possible (Something they dont nag at).
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Omega II
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Black Omega II for me
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the HE90!
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Omega II/Orpheus, depends, I'd give em both a good listen before getting one and keeping them. On the cheaper end, a HD650 without the drop off in the highs around 4kHz.
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if they break, i'll have a warranty!
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Likely L3000.
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A headphone that could morph into any headphone I wanted to listen to at any moment!!!
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If price is a factor, the MS-1. It's great for every genre I listen to.

If not, probably a Stax Omega II. From what I've read it sounds like quite a set of cans.
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