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Metal-core suggestions?

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Metal-Core, Alt.-metal, Sludge-Metal, Math-Core, Post-Hardcore...any of the above.
I need some angry, aggressive music thats also melodic, complex and smart.
I can handle the harsh vocals but only if its mixed in with regular singing like late DEP, Cave-In, Mastodon etc.

What ive been listening to lately (all genres):
The Mars Volta
Early Deftones and Pantera
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I wouldn't really call any of the bands you listed metalcore.

I'm not an expert on metalcore/hardcore in general, but I guess you could check out Converge. Not very melodic, but extremely angry, aggressive, complex, and smart. In fact, their album Jane Doe is probably the single most intense and loud album I have ever heard, hardcore or otherwise (coming from a guy who listens to Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Origin, Discordance Axis, and a bunch of other bands considered to be among the most intense on the planet).

It'll likely give you a bad headache, and there really isn't any "singing" to speak of, but if you want what's probably the definitive modern hardcore band/album... there it is.

edit: check out the band Intronaut, also. Not metalcore, just metal... but you should like them if you like Mastodon.
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JANE DOE is flawless.

Listen to unearth. It's the best definition of metalcore out there.
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August burns red.
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Ive heard Jane Doe and its just way too much screaming.
I need a little melody/clean singing.
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Callisto - Noir

Post Hardcore / Doom Metal

they have the transition from heavy to soft like Opeth, very meaty sound and the vocals are in the vein of Isis but sooooo much better, haha.
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Isis, Pelican, maybe Sunn 0))), Opeth, My Dying Bride. Just a few I can think of at the moment.

Oh, screaming, that cancels out Isis. Once you eventually get used to screaming/growling/gurgling vocals, check Isis out, they own.
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Originally Posted by SimpJee View Post
Isis, Pelican, maybe Sunn 0))), Opeth, My Dying Bride. Just a few I can think of at the moment.

Oh, screaming, that cancels out Isis. Once you eventually get used to screaming/growling/gurgling vocals, check Isis out, they own.
Im already a big ISIS fan.
Im not looking for post-metal; ISIS is more atmospheric and less aggressive/angry.
Also, I dont mind the screaming, its just needs to mixed with clean vocals.
Im open to anything in any sub-metal genre.
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Not sure why I didn't think of this before, but check out Sikth. I think you might really like them.
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melodic metal core

Prayer for cleansing - Rain in Endless Fall

Between the Buried and Me - S/T

Undying - This Day All Gods Die
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5 Essential Extreme Metal Albums:


This remains one of my favorite heavy albums of all time, definately a strong contender for best metal album of the 90's. All metal-core, death-metal or sludge-metal fans should own and worship this album. They can thrash like Slayer and riff like Sabbath. Singer Dax has an incredible range from thoat-shredding screams to deep spooky croon.. a must.


Ok, I'll admit that there's not that much real singing on this album, but it is a pummeling, calculus-core experience that's not to be missed. They're right up there with DEP and Converge as far as instrumental wizardry.. and they just plain freaking rock..

Buzzoven - SORE (1994)

To quote All Music Guide: Sore is perhaps one of the most vicious, violent albums ever created.. Uh yea, that pretty much sums it up. I guess you could classify this as Sludge-metal, but I just call it freakin' heavy..

Botch - WE ARE THE ROMANS (2000)

One of THE great math-core albums.. I'm assuming you've heard this, but if you haven't then definately check it out.. great dynamics and variety on this one too.

Meshuggah - NOTHING (2002)

This is metal for Quantum Physics majors. I haven't even totally "got" this album yet, but when you're in the right frame of mind, it's pretty incredible. If there was ever an album that had a color, this one is so black that not even light can escape. Enter at your own risk.

have fun..

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Cult of Luna - Somewhere along the Highway
If you combined Isis/Neurosis + Opeth you would get CoL, nordic band
(Nacher mentioned this, great stuff)
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Originally Posted by blinx View Post
August burns red.
x2. That was my first thought.

And in the same realm is (the order of this list is intentional):

Winter Solstice - The Fall of Rome (RIP, very technical)

Trivium - Acsendancy (borderline metal-metalcore)

Symphony in Peril - The Whore's Trophy (hella angry)

I feel like I recommend this band to everyone I see, but The Fall of Troy is a less experimental 3-piece version of The Mars Volta.

Killswitch Engage - The End of Heartache (of course)

Misery Signals - Mirrors (not as technical as ABR)

All That Remains - The Fall of Ideals (KSe 2.0)

Chimaira - Chimaira (Thrash, mostly not as melodic)
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As I Lay Dying
Killswitch Engage
Demon Hunter
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Not a fan of metalcore, but here are couple of bands that i can think of.

Lamb Of God. (groove/metalcore) http://www.drummerworld.com/Videos/b...bekschool.html
(their drummer jamming one of their songs)

As Blood Runs Black (gothenburg/death/metalcore)

Black Dahlia Murder (gothenburg/death/metalcore)

Killswitch Engage (metalcore)
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