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I still have my Spitfire and my Cute Beyond. I love the look of them. So tiny.

What I don't like is the nearly useless volume control on the Beyond. Left and right channel don't track until you hit 8-9 o'clock on the dial. Very frustrating. It's also easy to set the gain switch up and blow your ears off when turning it on.

The Spitfire is a little champ, even though sometimes I have to cycle it to sync up.
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Strange, I have both inputs connected on my Spitfire and it's never misfired synching up, ever.
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The only OPamps I've tried besides stock are the 2107s, and so far I'm happy about my decision. Supposedly, they're 95% as good as the OP627/637, considered to be the best burr brown op amp. And in order to use them in firestone products, you need to brown dog two of them--at $18 a pop plus cost for the adapter (x2 if Amp & Dac)! With that said, I'm more than happy with my 2107s. They still need burn-in, however.

One caveat to them is that they make my dark senns even darker. I'll be picking up a pair of dt 770s/80 here sometime soon to throw in the mix and compare. I listen to a decent amount of hip/hop (Beyers) so genre also plays a role.

*update* I just received my two suppliers for my Beyond/Fubar II and while the difference is subtle, I do notice a small increase in soundstage, detail, and overall dynamics. Also, the bass has extended slightly more, which adds a little oomph to the senns.
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looks like ill be sticking with the 2107s then... and mebbe if i decide to get the fubar II (which i most likely will) ill be sticking the 2107s in them too...

and i do agree about the darker sound...even my beyers aint that bright anymore... and it also sounds airy...with a nicer soundstage now.

dont think im gonna bother with the brown dog thingy...im guessing itll end up costing alot here.

btw, dropkickduffy, are the suppliers worth the cost of the upgrade with just a subtle difference?

EDIT: @dropkickduffy
mind taking a pic of ur Fubar II's internals? a nice closeup perhaps? cant seem to find any good pictures of them. thanks in advance.
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i just got back from singapore and jaben yesterday (5-6 hour drive phew!), so im just itching to spread the firestone love but forgive the pix quality as my camera is a very low end sony dsc s600 and i have vibrator hands.

heres what i got (nono i didnt get that huge mother on the label)

the insides of the box



check out that cute booty

topless (actually more like nekkid front)

naked booooootttyyyy

all stripped off

top of the board

the underside

with its mate - the Battery Cute II headamp

its new home

see the image on the screen? thats muh main reason for making a 5-6 hour drive to singapore..muh new rims, which are absolutely gorgeous!!

no impressions yet (except that it sounds much cleaner than the a2zs), coz the fubar has less than 5 hours on it. opamp is still the oh-lee-gee-nal opamp. wanna get used to this sound signature first before switching both (the opamp and that jrc thingy) to the 2107. that might take another month or 2.

n yeah...im sorry about my wallet too (but not THAT sorry )
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Aaaaah, they look so sweet together
And so small too

My Big Joe should be arriving any time now
It'll look sweet next to my Spitfire
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Received the Fubar II today and it sounds excellent! The more I listen to it, the better it sounds. What is a recommended burn-in time with stock components? How does the sound signature change afterwards?

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Here's my setup! I love it!

The 'Suppliers' coupled with OPA2107 are a wicked little setup at a decent price. I totally dig the modular design and these sound as good as any other "mid-fi" setup I've yet to hear. I'll post a full review once burn-in is complete!
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Originally Posted by smeggy View Post
My Big Joe should be arriving any time now
Be sure to write a report Smeggy!
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more pix of the firestone family. ignore the big red one...that aint from firestone.

pix is from Jaben Network, Singapore (where i got my FUBAR II USB DAC) who are also the official distributors of Firestone Products in Singapore (and this part of the world i guess).

ive posted tonnes more pix of Jaben Network (and all the goodies inside) which can be seen HERE
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Guess you're a bit of a Firestone fan huh
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I'd like to know how a Little Country -> Big Joe would sound, they said on their website that the Little Country is a good Pre-Amp.
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I love how their products look and they are truly affordably priced. If I were to buy an expensive gift for a friend I'd go with their products ;p
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did a lot of you find the fubar a significant upgrade? i continuously tested the fubar with my TBAAM, and i couldn't register a difference at all, so i ended up selling it.
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I dunno about the fubar/tbaam but my Spitfire is better than my Audigy 2zx or whatever it is notebook card.

Sadly my Big Joe arrived today and then went again as nobody was home to sign Hopefully it'll arrive and stay tomorrow.
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