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Hm, it seems that that pictures are both just renders (or just photographed with a black/white background). Both versions should have the same 'very shiny' polished metal cans - they really look great in natura, way better then on the pictures. I did that mod as soon as I got them, because they were quite uncomfortable. It took about 5s each side and now I can wear them all day without almost any pain/fatigue. Way to go
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I've tried the modification, with good result.
But changing the pleather pads has pushed the comfort to a higher level. I've used the velour pads for the HD25: the sound signature has changed a bit (they are smoother in high frequencies, the bass is less punchy, the soundstage seems wider), but I can wear them for hours now, even with my glasses on.
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Hi There,

i just bought some of these but i'm just realising that they are putting a lot of presure on the top of my head and it's giving mey a headache. i figure this is because the headband is so thin and hard. i bought some extra rubber/foam to put under it but it's still putting a fair bit of pressure on my head.

does bending the side metal rods help reduce the pressure on the top of your head? does any one have any other modification suggestions and does anyone else have the same discomfort?

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Originally Posted by jay jay View Post
does bending the side metal rods help reduce the pressure on the top of your head? does any one have any other modification suggestions and does anyone else have the same discomfort?
yes, pressure to the top/side of the head will be reduced - that's why i gave you the link in your other thread. It relieves pretty much all the discomfort with this headphone. Try it - bending metal is reversable anyway
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ah sorry just read your post here as well. thanks very much. does it reduce the top head pressure heaps?

once i bend em - i don't think i'll have any hope of taking them back if they are still causing probs....
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Before the mod, I had to fully extend the ES7s. After the mod, only 2 notches show. They look and feel INSTANTLY better. No comparison, whatsoever.

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I can't seem to get this mod to properly work at all.  I try bending them but it doesn't feel like they move at all, but I put them on my head and the pressure's gone for about 5 - 10 minutes then it's starts to squeeze my ears into my brain.




My thumb is actually in pain for trying to bend them yesterday.  It just doesn't feel like these little guys are moving anywhere.


(Sorry for the bad quality, using a webcam)

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tried the bend but did not work for me. The metal part is super hard. dont budge and if i go a bit harder i always hear the plastic cracking..


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I dunno how you guys can be having such a problem. Just hide the metal bars until JUST the elbows are showing, and bend there. It was easy as pie. The ES7 can take a lot of punishment when it comes to bending the bars.

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I just bent my 5 minutes ago, took me 30 secs for each side. I think one of the key point mentioned, was to make sure the metal rod is retracted enough, so only the arched/bent part of the metal rod is shown. (for me, it's two clicks out)


I'm not sure if ES-7 looks better on my head now, but it does result in less clamping on my head, it's a lot more comfortable now !! However, in the very begining of wearing the "mod" version, it feels like the bottom part of the cup is not as tightly sealed as before. But then I listened carefully, the sound is still pretty much the same, (same bass most importantly) The only tip I have, is don't over-bent. Only do a small amount at a time, wear them and see if the seal and comfortness is okay, and then bend more if necessary.

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Good thing I found this thread. It was not as hard as I thought. Now my ES-7 fits and looks better! I'm so happy now that I can finally wear this outdoor! It was especially tight before since I wear glasses, looked weird too..

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