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ATH-ES7 Essential Mod (w. Headshots)

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Okay, this isn't terribly essential, nor is it a real mod.

One of the big drawbacks that some people seem to have with the ES7 is that it looks simply goofy on heads. My experience with the ATH-ES7 quickly corroborated this concern. I mean.. they're beautiful-looking headphones when they're in your hand.. but on your noggin those elbows just look inordinate and weird.

So I pondered. The headband of the ES7, when retracted, looks perfectly suitable to conform to the shape of a head. When adjusted to fit my head, the top of the headband flattens out significantly and the elbows burgeon out. Remembering the somewhat inconspicuous flexibility of the KSC-75 earclips, I retracted the headphones.

The "elbows" on the Audio-Technica ES7 are made of two pieces of metal that are sturdy but seem to respond admirably to pressure. With some trepidation (it's a $150 product that I was terribly afraid of breaking), I slowly applied pressure to the metal by pressing the cups outward to straighten the elbows on the ES7.

The result? Before this adjustment, it took roughly seven notch-steps for the ES7 to properly conform to my head. Its elbows jutted out severely and it just looked awkward. After the adjustment, the ES7 conforms to my head in just ONE notch-step!

Sonically, the ES7 seems to remain the same. The comfort, however, is quite improved as there's less of a clamp. I'm very happy with the results. They're comfier and a lot prettier when worn now.

Of course, obligatory pictures since I'm sure some people are curious on how the ES7 can look on a head.

I apologize if this was brought up before.. I just thought it really interesting and possibly beneficial to ES7 owners and prospective buyers out there.
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^ One night and it's already back at page four.. busy Friday night, head-fi.

Just for reference to how the ES7 is normally worn, here's a picture of them WITH the metal elbows and more extension:

And of course, one of the very first threads on head-fi concerning the ES7 in depth has a picture of zChan wearing the ES7 with the out-of-box elbows (3rd picture from top compares noticeably to the second one in this thread):

I can't help but feel that Audio-Technica meant for the user to make this adjustment, considering the point of the angle is made of flexible (but firm) metal and not rigid plastic..
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Where exactly do I apply the pressure? I tried yesterday and it felt like the metal thingys could snap the plastic
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Retract your cups so that the smallest amount of metal shows as possible. Then, firmly hold the plastic immediately above and immediately below the metal with your thumb on one side and your forefinger on the other (gripping tightly) and bend.
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LOL, I did this mod too and yeah if you fully extend it and try to bend it, then it feels like its gonna snap, but then I figured it out... just like 3X0 has said in the post above.

It is indeed an essential mod, makes the ES7 soo much more comfy and I can now go out in public with the cans on my head. Now its looks good both on and off my head.
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nice..will try this mod when my es7 came in..
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Good thing you remembered to trim those nose hairs before taking the first pic!

Bending the headband does make the ES7 look and fit better.

I don't have much hair, and without bending the headband, it only makes contact at the very top of my scalp. After some bending, the headband is more curved, makes more contact and is much more comfortable.
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I'd like to make everything completely clear since this phones aren't cheap.

I draw a scheme of how I understood this mod should be done:

Am I right?
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Does it change isolation in any way?
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This I have to try soon as my ES7's arrive - looks much better than not.
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"Okay, this isn't terribly essential, nor is it a real mod"

such a great way to start a thread!!!
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Could ES7 owners who tried this mod, please, answer to my question?
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Great mod...I can wear them out now Just bend the two sides next to the metal so the metal bit is straight...
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It would be great if someone would post before and after pictures. Thanks.
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Originally Posted by terance View Post
"Okay, this isn't terribly essential, nor is it a real mod"

such a great way to start a thread!!!
Why, without one ATH-ES7 are the ugliest and the most uncomfortable phones. This is the first thing I did to mine when they arrived. I'd say IT IS essential for all ES7 owners with normal size head, I don't know why they arrive shaped like that from the factory, may be they size them for kids.

Originally Posted by D3n View Post
Could ES7 owners who tried this mod, please, answer to my question?
I haven't noticed any difference, except better look and more comfortable wear. Plus it's easily reversible.

Originally Posted by mrarroyo View Post
It would be great if someone would post before and after pictures. Thanks.
You want to check post #2.
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