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Dale and Thomas Popcorn

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http://www.daleandthomas.com . Has anyone tried Dale and Thomas gourmet popcorn? I work in Teaneck, NJ and they have their headquarters in Englewood, NJ and a store about 5 minutes from work. I got their catalog at home and I am very curious. They sell wild flavored or unflavored popcorn, fudge chocolates, chocolate pretzel sticks (Head-Fi Fav?), and chocolate bars along with licorice and truffles and cookies.

I think I will try their twelve pack sampler for $45 USD. Two large bags of each flavor (one bag can feed five cups): kettle corn, twocolate chunk 'n caramel, peanut butter & white chocolate drizzlecorn, caramel, toffee crunch, southwest cheddar chipotle, double chocolate drizzlecorn, sweet and spicy BBQ, cinnamon creme, and sweet georgia pecan in one huge box.

I'll report back. I feel like I am some kind of unofficial taste tester for Head-Fi in both audio gear, food, and snacks.
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2 gallon tins of popcorn are $30 and you can even order 6.5 gallons (!) for $60. They even have the greatest great crate with everything they sell for $175. Samplers start at $28. Or, you can order one canister of popcorn for $7. A silo tin is $8. Fudge and popcorn tins are $9 - $10.

I'll check them out tomorrow when I go to work. Man, watching movies with D&T popcorn would be too cool. They ship UPS standard worldwide with expedited shipping options. Movie lovers, you are on notice!
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i HIGHLY reccomend the popcorn.

kettlecorn is awssome!!!111
carmel corn excelent
plain is plain, but very good.

i am not as much a fan of the chese popcorn that they had (dunno if they still do) it was not great.

they are like 1 block off of cedar lane, easy to get to and all of that.

i think they sell smaller bags so you can get a couple...
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if i'm not mistaken, they had a shop in the garden state mall (paramus) that recently went out of business?. are these the same guys?. if it is the same guys, their caramel corn is ridonkulous!

funny...we sound like popcorn salesmen.
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Gourmet... Popcorn?

Oh. Its not a joke?
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backyard BBQ is amazing
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I'm at work right now and I will try to find their location here in Teaneck, NJ soon. I'll buy a bag today.
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Originally Posted by Welly Wu View Post
http://www.daleandthomas.comI work in Teaneck, NJ
I was born in Teaneck.
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The president of the company I work for bought the entire company (one per team) a huge bin of the stuff last year. The caramel was ok, but the kettle corn was incredible and - this I was surprised about - their chocolate drizzle corn is TO DIE FOR.

Amazing stuff. Compounded further by the fact that I'm a popcorn junkie.
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Popcorn Flavors

D&T makes some pretty good popcorn. I just got back from a family trip to Orlando. We found a popcorn place called Kernel Encore and got some of what's probably the most awesome popcorn we have ever tried. The girl at the counter let us sample a bunch of flavors---odd stuff like ketchup, crab, and southwest chipotle (we got bags of all three). The caramel and "house" were incredible. I don't know if they are online but we will definitely try to get more soon.
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I came home from a winter storm with some D&T popcorn: natural, kettle corn, and twice as nice chocolate drizzlecorn. $3 USD per bag plus tax. I thought these prices were much higher.


It's fluffy, not drenched in butter or salt, and pre-popped ready to eat. I love it. The chocolate drizzlecorn is like eating candy popcorn.

So far, so good. Customer service in their store, like Whole Foods, is quite good. Free samples, directing me to different products, and wonderful flavors...what's not to fall in love with?

This is going to be the Starbucks of popcorn and I hope quality control will remain consistent.

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