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2003 System Archive Thread - Page 4

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Primary Rig (Home)
Sony D-5 (Semi)
JMT META42 (Semi)
ER-4S (Semi)
JMT mini to mini: Switchcraft 90 degree plugs and Homegrown Audio Super Silver

Transportable Rig (Office)
ipod (Semi) 10G, 1st gen
JMT CHA47 (Semi)
KSC-35 (Semi, pending ebay) or
Portapro (Semi, pending amazon)

Music: Hard Rock, Jazz, Soft Rock/Pop, 50s/60s/70s/80s
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Post 900

Sharp SD-NX10 (stereo/source)
Logitech Z-560 (headphone amp/sub)
Computer (source)
Sony D-EJ915 (D-E990)(non-portable)
Audio-Technica ATH-A500

Sony MZ-S1
Sony D-E880 (D-EJ815)
Sony MDR-D66SL
Sony MDR-Q55SL SoLiD

Music: Hard Rock, mainly christian=Living Sacrifice, Zao...Pillar, Skillet...
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All temp
Nad 541i
Beyer DT880
Corda Blue
Outlaw PCA

Sony MZ-R900
Fix-up Super Mini v3
Etymotic ER4P
Sennheiser MX400
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--Generic Power Cord (Temp)-->
--Jolida JD100 tube cdp w/NOS RCA 12AX7 Blackplate tubes and dampening mods (perm)
--Virtual Dynamics Reference IC (Perm)
--Generic Power Cord (Temp)-->
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Main Stereo System
Musical Fidelity A3 CDP
Glass Toslink Digital Cable
Bel Canto Dac 2
Bogdan Silver Spirit Reference ICs
Musical Fidelity A3cr PreAmp
Bogdan Silver Spirit Reference ICs
Musical Fidelity A3.2cr Amp
Analysis Plus Oval 8 Solo Crystal Speaker Cables
Tyler Taylo Reference Monitors
Tyler Custom Speaker Stands
HSU VTF3 Powered Subwoofer
Audio Magic Stealth Cryo AC Conditioner
Audio Magic Digital Stealth Cryo AC Conditioner
Virtual Dynamics Nite AC Cords
K Works Empowered AC Cords
Aurios 1.2 With Top Bearing Isolation
Mapleshade Heavy Foot Brass Cones
Solus Audio Rack

Headphone System (signal from Musical Fidelity A3cr Preamp above)
Bogdan ICS Silver ICs
Headroom Max 2002 Headphone Amp
Sennheiser HD600 Headphones, Cardas Cable
Zu Mother AC Cord
Mapleshade Brass Cones

Stereo System 2
Musical Fidelity E624 CD Player
Glass Toslink Digital Cable
Bel Canto Dac 1.1
Bogdan Silver ICS Interconnects
Musical Fidelity A3 Integrated Amp
Analysis Plus Oval 12 Speaker Cables
Von Schweikert VR1 Monitors
Target HR60 Speaker Stands
HSU VTF2 Powered Subwoofer
VD Reference Cryo AC Cords
Signal Cable Magic AC Cords
Monster HTS 2000 AC Conditioner
Blue Circle Noise Hound II AC Conditioner
Mapleshade Bigfoot Brass Cones
Solus Audio Rack
Neuance Isolation Platform

Yes...........I like Musical Fidelity gear
Yes...........I use Audiogon alot

System Photos
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New update of my systems in use

Well, here are the following systems that I currently use (as of 9-2-03):

Mobile/Portable System "Lite"
Sony MZ-E10 MD Walkman (Perm)
Sony MDR-E888LP (Perm)
Koss KSC-35 (Perm)
Koss KSC-55 (Semi)

Mobile/Portable System "Regular"
Panasonic SL-CT790 PCDP (Temp)
Sony D-EJ2000 PCDP (Semi)
Grado SR-60 and SR-80 (Semi)
Sony MDR-7506 (Perm)

Mobile/Portable System "Max" (my amped rig)
Sony D-EJ2000 PCDP (Semi)
iRiver SlimX iMP-350 PCDP (Temp)
Headroom Total Airhead (Perm)
Plastics Interconnect bundled with TAH (Temp)
Grado SR-225 (Perm)
Etymotic ER-4S (Perm)

Home Rig
Pioneer SX-2600 Receiver (Perm)
Sony CDP-C265 CDP (Temp)
Sony TC-K461S Cassette Deck (Perm)
Music Hall MMF-5 Turntable (Perm) w/Goldring 1012GX Cartridge (Semi)
Paradigm Titan Speakers (Semi)
Sennheiser HD 600 Headphones w/Cardas Cable (Perm)
Grado RA-1 Headphone Amp (Perm)
Grado SR-325 Headphones (Semi)

My musical preference lately is jazz. But I sometimes listen to other genres.
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Main System:
  • Headphones: Joseph Grado SR200 (perm)
  • Amp: JMT Maxed Out META42 (perm)
  • Cables: DH Labs Silver Sonic BL-1 Series II (semi)
  • Source: Sony SCD-CE775 (temp)
Portable System:
  • Headphones: Koss KSC-35 (perm), Sennheiser MX300 (temp)
  • Amp: JMT Altoids CHA-47 (temp)
  • Cables: Stock (temp)
  • Sources: Sony D-33 (temp), Panasonic SL-SW880 (temp), Rio 500 (temp)
Bed System:
  • Headphones: Koss Portapro (perm)
  • Amp: JMT Altoids CHA-47 (perm)
  • Cables: Stock (temp)
  • Source: Sony D-33 (perm)
Computer System:
  • Headphones: Grado SR60 (perm), Koss Portapro (perm)
  • Source: Turtle Beach Santa Cruz (temp)
Main type of music is Rock in all its varieties.

And with this post I put into retirement the long-standing section of my sig devoted to my system.
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A) Main stereo:


Wadia 16i (semi: I love it but will move to 861/some future model)
Pioneer Elite DV-47A (perm: good enough for my TV. I don't own any "hi-rez" material)
Tascam CDRW-700 (perm: decent A/D and burning to boot)

Jeff Rowland Model 6 w/ BPS-6 (tempR: on semi-permanent loan from work)
Krell KRC-3 (temp - on semi-permanent loan from my Uncle after I convinced him to move into an 861se)

Paradigm Ref Studio 40 w/ Lovan stands (tempR: very nice speaker, but the weak link in my system. Fine for my current apartment setup though.)

I run the 16i directly into the Rowlands over Cardas Hexlink 5C balanced cables. The Pioneer runs into the 16i at 48kHz. My TV, laserdisc, vcr, etc go into the Tascam which A/Ds it and send it to the 16i at 44.1kHz. I keep the Krell around for a little experimentation here and there but it just sits and looks "pretty."

A) Office Stereo:

You don't want to know. I am *almost* lazy about my home rig because the stuff at work is on a completely different plane. I've got a key too.

A) Headphones:

Currently a Panasonic portable, AirHead w/ Straightwire cable, Sennheiser 545

B) Music Tastes:

I really listen to/own a very broad mix. For setting up I go with jazz and female vocalists. There's nothing like a female voice to audition a system. Piano tracks are good too.

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Here's my system

Sharp DX-SX1 SACD player
Sharp SM-SX1 1-bit Amp/DAC
Philly Audio Phun EL-84 SET Headphone amplifier
Grado SR-325
Signal Cable Two Analog Interconnect
Proprietary 1-bit Digital Interconnect
X-feed Mk 3
TDK Power Cables for Sharp items
Stock power cable for headamp
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Main Stereo System (Nothing is ever permanent)

VPI Scout Turntable
VPI JMW 9 Tonearm
0.5 mV Grado Statement Sonata Cartridge
Sonic Frontiers Phono 1 SE
Sonic Frontiers Line 1 Preamplifier
Sony SACDMODS.COM modded SCD-555ES SACD/CD Player
Manley Retro SE/PP 300B Tube Monoblocks
ProAc Response 2 Speakers (Yew)
Target R2 Speaker Stands
(2) ACI Force Subwoofers - Cherry
Acoustic Zen Silver Reference 1m - RCAs
(2) Acoustic Zen Matrix Reference 0.5m & 2m - RCAs
Acoustic Zen Satori 4ft Shotgun Bi-wire
PS Audio P-300 Powerplant
PS Audio Ultimate Outlet - High Current 15A
(2) PS Audio Lab Cables
(5) Acoustic Zen Tsunami Powercords
Neuance Shelf (for VPI Scout)
Aurios MIB Media Isolation Bearings (for modded 555ES)
DIY VPI Scout Dustcover
Standesign Penta Rack
Cardas RCA & XLR Caps

Headphone Systems
Joseph Grado HP-1
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Now that everything's actually here, let me list my setup...

Main Rig (everything semi-permanent):

- Music Hall MMF CD-25 HDCD player
- Homegrown Audio Silver Lace .5m RCA-to-RCA
- Perreaux SHX-1 Headphone Amplifier
- Sony MDR-CD3000 headphones

Portable Rig (everything permanent):

- Nomad Zen USB 2.0 (20 gigs)
- Sony MDR-E565 headphones
- Sony MDR-D77 headphones
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Bedroom -

Rotel RCD-950 cd player (Temp-R)

Kimber Kable .5M PBJ IC

Corda HA-1 (perm)

Sennheiser HD-600 (perm)

Sansui TA-500 reciever (semi-perm)

Audioquest 1M Turqoise IC

PSB Alpha A/V speakers (temp-R)

Magnum Dynalab SR100 silver ribbon antennae

Dorm room -

Sony D-151 pcdp

Tivoli Model Two Radio

Music Preferences -

Folk (James Taylor, Nick Drake, Graham Nash...)
Jazz (big band, 50s,60s)
Classic Rock (Beattles, Rolling Stones,CCR, Led Zepplin...)
Motown era soul (Sam Cooke, James Brown...)
Acoustic Rock (?) (DMB, John Mayer...)
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Headphone System
  • Power: Virtual Dynamics Power 3
  • Source: Arcam CD72T
  • Interconnects: W Enterprises Northwest Music Timbre
  • Amplifier: Meier-Audio Corda Prehead
  • Headphones: Grado RS-1
Portable System
  • Source: Apple 10GB iPod, 2nd gen
  • Headphones: Etymotic ER-4P, Koss KSC-35
Speaker System
  • Source: Arcam CD72T, M-Audio Audiophile 24/96
  • Interconnects: W Enterprises Northwest Music Timbre
  • Speakers: Swans M-200
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Home System
  • Source: Denon 370
  • Interconnects: Headphile Standard Silver
  • Amplifier: Gilmore Lite
  • Headphones: Sennheiser HD580's
Portable System
  • Source: iRiver iHP-120
  • Headphones: Sony EX71
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2004 system archive thread?...
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