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Michell Gyro SE(QC power supply) with Origin Live Encounter tonearm & Ortofon MC30 cart

Sony JA555ES minidisc

Alesis masterlink CD/hard disk recorder

Musical Fidelity Tri Vista SACD

Yamaha CT7000 tuner (1970's)

Leak Troughline Stereo tuner (1966)

TAG Mclaren DAB tuner with pre amp


MF X100R Int amp

Earmax Pro head amp

MF XLP2 phono stage (with X PSU power supply)

Trichord delphini phono stage


Interconnects -mostly Kimber but with some Van Den Hul

Power cables - Kimber


Grado RS1

Sennheiser HD600


MF X Tone (seldom used now)

PS Audio P300 power plant

Russ Andrews Torlyte equipment platforms


Monitor Audio
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Main Rig

TripLight Isobar (Semi)
Furman Hospital Outlet (Perm)
Sony DVP-NS500V SACD Player (Semi)
Outlaw RCA Interconnects (Semi)
MG Head OTL with various upgraded tubes (Perm)
Sennheiser HD 580 with Clou Blue (Perm)

Portable Rig #1

Sony D-EJ915 Portable CD Player (Semi)
Markertek Mini-Mini (TempR)
JMT META42 (Perm)
Beyerdynamic DT 831 (Semi)

Semi-Portable Rig #2

Sony D-T24 Portable CD Player (Perm)
Homegrown Audio with Switchcraft (Perm)
JMT META42 (Perm)
Koss KC-35 (Perm)
Sennheiser MX-500 (Perm)

Speaker Rig

NAD Integrated Amp (Semi)
Zu Oxyfuel Interconnect (Perm)
Kimber 4TC Speaker Wire (Semi)
Paradigm 7seMKII (Perm)

MUSIC: Jazz, Classical, misc Rock
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all of my amplification is temp except for my headphone amp. I plan to get a vintage parasound reciever very soon.
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Primary Rig:

Sony DVP-NS500V (Perm)

Integrated Amp:
Creek 4330R mk2 (Perm)

Axiom M3ti (Perm)

Headpone amp:
DIY Cmoy (Temp)

Senneheiser HD580 (Perm)

Radioshack (Temp)

Portable Rig:

Sony D-465 (Semi)

Sennheiser MX-500 (Semi)

Note: I'll probably upgrade everything after college, which should be 4-5 years down the road.
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Home System:
Meridian 508.20 CD player (perm)
Melos SHA-1 headphone amp (perm)
with Amperex USA JAN7308 orange-label gold pin tubes (perm)
Grado HP-1000 HP2 headphones (perm)
DH Labs Silver Sonic Air Matrix single-ended cables (semi)
Stock power cord on Meridian (temp)
Monster HTS-2000 PLC (semi)

Portable System:
Sony D-EJ01 portable CD player (perm)
Meier Audio Porta Corda I (semi)
Etymotic ER-4S headphones (perm)
or Koss KSC-50 headphones (semi)
Headroom Airbag (perm)

Musical Preferences:
Classical (favorite composers: Brahms, Bartok, Mozart, Mahler)
Second is classic rock (favorite bands: The Who, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles)
Tied for third are jazz (Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk)
And Russian bard music (Bulat Okhudzhava, Vladimir Visotskiy)

I generally use classical, classic rock, and jazz if I'm auditioning components.
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Home Theater & Two Channel
  • Sony DVPs 9000es DVD/SACD Player ---- temp-going into Head-Rig
  • H/K DC520 Tape Deck ---- perm/obsolete
  • Philips CDR 785 CD Recorder ---- will be NAD C-660 (someday)
  • Sony SLV-750hf VCR ----...er...they invented these discs, see....
  • Classe SSP-30 Pre Amp/Processor ---- maybe upgrade, not soon
  • Classe CAM-200 Mono blocks (front L&R) ---- love em!
  • Anthem MCA-3 Series II (Center & Surround) ---- temporary
  • Martin Logan Aerius i ---- love 'em...but, alas...bigger is better
  • Martin Logan Cinema Center ---- perm
  • Klipsch SS-1 surrounds ---- semi-perm
  • Velodyne CT-120 sub ---- semi-perm

  • Philips DVD963sa
  • ASL MG-Head OTL w/ various tubes to roll ----Perm
  • Creek OBH-11 w/ OBH2 Power Pack ---- perm
  • Senns HD600 w/ Stefan Equinox ---- Very Perm
  • Grado RS-2 ---- Very Perm
Portable Head Rig
  • Sony D-EJ 1000 CD player ---- ?semi?
  • Total Air Head ---- Semi
  • Etymotic ER-4s ---- Perm

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my mediocre and humble system:

home headphone rig:

Computer (SB Live with som minor mods)
custom hand made DAC
Tributaries IC
Sennheiser HD600


Nomad Jukebox 3
Meier Porta Corda 2 (soon...)
Etymotic ER-4P (leaving soon..)
Beyerdynamic DT-831 (soon...)


please dont laugh.. =)
RCA Sattelite
Denon AVR900
Cusome speaker cables and IC's
Mission 732's
Sennheiser HD-600
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oops, forgot listening pleasures...

computer rig: a bit of everything, Pink Floyd, Petshop Boys, Bach.. and games

portable: anything on mp3, usualy electronic stuff though

theatre: umm.. movies =) usualy only plug in the phones late at nite though
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My Systems


Source-Cary 303/200 CD Player (temp?)
Atlantis interconnects (temp)
B &K Components 305 Reciever (perm)
MIT Terminater 4 bi-wire speaker cable
NewForm Research Electrostatic Loudspeakers


NAD 541i Cd player
Outlaw Interconnects
Sugden Headmaster Preamp
Monster Interconnects (temp)
Anthem MCA 2 Power Amp
Nordust Flatwire biwire speaker cable
American Accoustic Delevopment Loudspeakers


Cary 303/200 (temp?)
Outlaw Interconnects (temp)
Sugden Headmaster (temp)
Sony MDR 10 Headphone

Portable System

Porta corda
A 1000 Headphone
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Forgot my musical preferences. I listen to mostly post punk 80s bands like the Church, The Psych. Furs, Echo and the Bunnymen, The Stone Roses, The Chameleons, The Cure ect....
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Main System:

Pioneer SX-580 receiver (perm)
Homebuilt multiloop amp (semi)
Sony ns500v SACD player (perm)
Sony V6 (perm)
Senn HD580 (perm) w/ stock cable (semi)
DIY signaltape intterconnects (tempR)

Music: mostly folk/instrumental.
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Main rig:
Music Hall MMF-CD25 (perm)
Power 3 Cryo power cord (perm)
Pure Silver Sound Quartet IC (perm)
META42 (temp unless I like it more than whatever I buy next)
ATH-W1000 (perm)

Secondary system:
Sony D25S (perm)
Etymotic ER4S (4P-4S cable)(perm)

Panasonic SL-CT570 (perm)
Etymotic ER4P (perm)
Koss KSC35 (perm)

I listen to a lot of rock/alternative/metal/nu, primarily newer stuff (90s,00s), but some 70s/80s. I also listen to symphonic classical stuff fairly regularly.
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Home headphone system

all permanent
Monster HTS1100 power conditioner
Sony SCD333-ES
Silver Shark (Orpheus) ICs with WBT bullet plugs
Melos SHA-1 with JJ E88CC tubes
Cardas cable
Sennheiser HD600

Main genre: classical
secondary genre: electronica (experimental/IDM)
tertiary genres: post-rock, experimental, and classic rock
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The College room special....

"Base" setup (PC)
Audigy 1 soundcard (Perm)
Klipsch DD5.1 Decoder (Perm)
Klipsch ProMedia 5.1 speakers (Perm)
Koss UR-30 Headphones, [think foldable UR-20's] (Temp)

Signal Flow: Sound Card --> digital out with MonsterDigital Coax to Klipsch Digital Decoder 5.1 Decoder unit --> ProMedia 5.1 speakers. The headphones are connected to the headphone jack on the speaker control pod.

"Portable" setup
Apple iPod (Windows) 10GB (Perm)
Koss KSC-35 (Perm)

Source Music:
Mostly Rock or Alternative Rock, a little bit of everything though
*EAC Secure Mode Ripped/LAME 3.92/3.93 Alt Preset Extreme encoding. 100% of my mp3s are in this format.
*Original CDs, but not very often as the mp3s are high quality and more convenient

Next thing I want to buy will be Ety ER-4P's and then maybe the 4P-4S cable. That will replace the UR-20's. That's probably all I'm going to get for a long while. Gotta save up for a laptop

The UR-30's aren't very good I know, I got them a while back before I knew much about audio. The headphone jack on the Speaker control Pod gives hiss with the 35's, but with the high impedance of the UR-30's I can block it out. I rarely use them, though- I use my speakers more than anything.
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Home Rig

Source: Yamaha CDC-506 (tempR)
IC: no-name optical (perm) or Monster 200 (temp)
(Speaker wire: Kimber 4PR (perm - great stuff))
(Loudspeakers: Advent Baby Two)
Amp: Yamaha HTR-5550 (tempR)
Cans: Sennheiser HD580 (perm) or HD497 (perm)

The receiver is one of the better mass market items I've owned, surprisingly musical given its home theater emphasis (it's also a decent home theater unit).

The CDP... of course, there are better sources, but it at least has 4 DACs, and I like having a changer. The sound and specs are comparable to my old H/K unit, maybe even a bit better in some respects, which was quite good for its time. Surprisingly good for the dough.

Can't say enough good about the phones. The 497s are great with so-so recordings, and the 580s are great with good ones.

The whole system sounds remarkably better than its consumer-oriented make-up would suggest, though it for sure has that bright, solid-state sound...

Portable Rig

Sony MZ-N505 Minidisc (tempR) into Koss Sportapros (semi) or Sennheiser MX500 (perm)

The Yamaha changer is the digital source for Minidisc material.

The Sportapros... nice little portable set!

MX500s... very good when you don't want to disturb others.

Primary genres: classical and jazz, but anything goes so long as it's good.
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