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2003 System Archive Thread

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I am posting this in the Source forum as I think this would be the closest match. I'd like to see a thread where everyone lists:

A) Your system(s) (main, mini[office], and/or portable - computer rigs too if you use them regularly) from source to headphones (including cables, power conditioners and other "hard" tweeks).

B) The ONE-PRIMARY and Secondary Music Genres listened to (the ones you "tune" your system to. (catagories are based on similarities of "typical" instrament combinations and listening levels)
- Classical
- Jazz
- Hard Rock/Metal
- Soft Rock/Pop/Country
- Rap
- Folk/World

C) System Status by componant:
- Perm (Permanant - no intention of upgrading before it dies)
- Semi (SemiPermanant - I like but looking for better, or mayby replace after other upgrades are done)
- Temp (making due till finances allow for better)
and maybe:
- TempR (Temp but recommend for Newbies and folks on a tight budget)

Even though we can view each others systems in our profiles, I have found this kind of thread useful in an vinyl newsgroup I am in. It would give us one thread that can be searched by post to see what different folks think about equipment combinations and types of music, and see patterns that may not be obvious. For example, I've read again and again here that Grados are for Rock/Senns are for Classical, but is that really what most folks use them for? This would help answer this and other questions, like: Do tubes go well with Grado's, What headphones do Vinyl listeners like, and what formats are popular.

The idea is not to discuss posts in the thread itself (do a PM or start a new one), but to use it for reference like the Legendary PCDP Gallery thread in the portable forum.

My following post will be the example.
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Primary Rig (Home)

Triplite Isobar (Semi)
Grado Red cartridge (Semi)
Pioneer 514 TT (Temp)
Yamaha CDC-565 (Temp)
AudioQuest M33 cables (Perm)
Adcom GTP-400 Pre/Tuner (Perm)

Sony TC-K611S (Semi) - Note: I use the jack on this tape deck
Sony MDR-V6 headphones(Semi)

Audio Quest Emerald cables (Perm)
Adcom GTA-535 Amp (Perm)
Sansui SP-5000 speakers (Temp)

Music: Classical, Folk (Bluegrass)

Transportable Rig (Office)
8v leadacid battery
Sony Discman D-25s (perm)
Koss KSC-35 (semi)

Music: Folk, Hard Rock
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Only Rig (Home)

Linn Majik Int. Amp (Semi)
Linn Tukan Speakers (Semi)
Ah! Tjoeb 4000 CDP (Perm)
Linn K400 Speaker Wire and Zu Cable OxiFuel IC (Perm)
Corda HA-1 (Semi)
AKG 240 (Temp)

Music: Classical & Jazz
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Past Headphones: K-1000 (Canare Star-Quad cable ala Orpheus), MSI, MSP, DT-250-250, DT-880, HP-1 (JGSUWBRC), SR-60, SR-200, SR-225, KSC-35, KSC-50, HD-580, HD-600 (self-built Venhaus-style cables), MDR-V6

Past Amps: MG-Head DT, MG-Head OTL, UHC Signature, CAD-300SEI, Gilmore v. 1, Gilmore v. 2, SHA-1 (2)

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My headphone rig:
Rotel RCD-971 (temp)
Kimber Silver streak (semi)
Stax SRM-313 (temp)
Stax SR-007 Omega II's (perm!)

My speaker rig:
Kimber PBJ ((temp) loop out from the SRM-313)
Audio Analogue Puccini integrated amp (perm)
Kimber 4TC speker cable (perm)
Tannoy Revolution 2 (perm)

The Omegas are so good I have to upgrade the whole audio chain... but thats a good thing Before I forget, I listen mostly to rock and metal.
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Just one system really:

CDP: Sony SCD555ES
Vinyl: VPI HW19 JR/AQ PT6/Benz Micro MC20E
Pre: AES AE-3 / X-LP+X-PSU phono
Amp: ASL 1005DTI w/ UHC signature
Headroom Supreme w/ upgraded module

All plugged into Monster HTS-3500

Cable: MIT 2, AQ, Outlaw, VD 3
Cans: AKG K1000, Senn HD600/cardas, Grado SR300, SR125, Etys 4S

Speaker: waiting for 2PI to arrive

For computer:
Klipsch Promedia 4.1
Marantz 2245 w/ Michaura speakers

Sony pcdp, R90 pmdp, JMT penquin, Headroom TA

Music: Anything/Everything except metal
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Main Rig

Clearaudio Champion Turntable
Rega ST 250 Tonearm with Cardas Wire & Expressivo Heavyweight
Benz Low Output Glider (Moving Coil)
Lundahl Stepup Transformers
Bottlehead Seduction Phono Stage
Bottlehead Foreplay Preamplifier
Bottlehead Paramour Power Amplifiers
AKG K1000 Headphones or Bottlehead Straight Eights Speakers
Bottlehead Entwined Interconnects

Music: Classical, Jazz

Portable Rig

Apple iPod
Etymotic 4P Headphones

Music: Classical, Jazz, Rock
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Main System

Cambridge DVD Player
MIT MI-330 CVTerminator Series Two
Grado RA-1
Clou 212 Red Jaspis Headphone Cable
Sennheiser HD-600

Music : Metal, Classical, and Opera.

Portable System

Philips/Magnavox Portable CD Player
Grado SR-60
Sennheiser MX-500

Music : Metal, Classical, and Opera.
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Work Rig
PCDP: Sony D-303
AMP: JMT Maxed out META42 (hammond case)
HP: Sony CD-1700 primarily; alsoBeyer DT231, Ety ER-4S, Philips HP890
IC: DIY mini-RCA by Puppyslugg

Home Rig
Marantz PM-17 integrated amp (semi)
CDP: Marantz C67 (temp)
IC: Tara Labs Prism 33i (temp)
HP: Grado RS-1 (perm)
Speakers: Dynaudio Audience 80 (semi-perm)
Headamp: MAD EAR+ (perm?)

mostly Rock (modern and classic), hiphop, jazz, triphop (massive attack, dj krush)
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Main Speaker Rig

CD player : Marantz CD6000ose (semi)
Pre amp : ME 24 (perm)
Power amp : ME 550 II (perm)
Speakers : Legend Acoustics Kama 2 speakers (perm)
IC's: Apature BL-4 (perm), Concord (temp), Harmony gold (temp).
Speaker cable: 2x20 amp building wire.

HT rig

Receiver: Yamaha cheapie
Speakers: Equinox Pluto's(perm) & Paradigm micro v2 (temp)
Source: Yamaha S520

Computer rig
Amp: Technics SU-Z780
Speakers: very old Sony speakers

Headphone Rig

Headphone amp: ME 24 (perm)
Portable amp: Porta Corda (semi)
Portable cdp: Sony 925 (perm)
Headphones: HD-580 (perm), HD-590 (perm), Sportapro (perm), Sony 888 (perm), Sony 868 (perm), Proluxe cheapie (perm)

Anything that sounds good. Pretty much all types.
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Headphone Rig

CDP;Rotel RCD-02 (Perm)
CDP:Sony NS700V (semi)
Vinyl: Pro-Ject Debut (perm)
AMP: Creek OBH-11 (semi)
Cable: Ecosse CA-1 for Sony CDP
Cans: HD-600, AKG 501, Alessandro MS-1 (perm)
Music: Jazz, Pop, Classic, Rock

Portable Rig

SHARP MD (perm)
Panasonic PCDP (perm)
Hp:Sony EX-70, Sony V6

Music: Pop, Rock
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Home Rig:
Technics SL-PD687 CDP (temp)
Guillemot ISIS Soundcard (semi) w/ 128-320 Kbps MP3s

Various crappy cables (temp)

Yamaha RX-V390 receiver/amp (temp)

Other Device(s)
Pioneer SG-550 Graphic EQ (temp)

Audio Technica ATH-W1000 (perm)
Sony MDR-V6 (semi)
Sennheiser HD-280 Pro (semi)

Sennheiser HD-600 w/ stock cables (gone)
Sony MDR-V100 (dead)

Portable Rig:
Sony D-368 PCDP (perm)
Sharp MD-MT15 (semi)

Various crappy cables (temp)

Fixup Supermini V3 (perm)

Koss Portapro (perm) For walking
Koss KSC-35 (perm) For bedtime
Koss KSC-50 (semi)
Sennheiser MX-500 (perm) For ultra-portable

Mostly electronic and indie rock, but not adverse to any genre (yes, even "bad" pop music)
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Main Music

Cary V12i
Cary SLP2002
Cary 308T
Rega P25 w/Dynavector 20X
Black Cube SE w/PWX
HHb 850 CDR
VanEvers Reference 85
B&W N804s
ICs: Luminous Audio Synchestra Signatures
Power Cords: Powersnakes ViperV2 & Taipan, TG Audio SLVR & 688(2), Silver Audio Powerburst
Speaker Cables: biwire Analysis Plus Oval 9


Sony C222ES w/ full mods, inc /IEC by SACDmods.com breaking in in main music system , then for HT system


Total Airhead
Panasonic 470


Sennheiser HD600, Cardas
Sennheiser HD540 Ref 2

Home Theater

Who cares?


Very little classical or pure country, but lots of every thing else

Note, Unable to give status of components as systems are ever evolving
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Front End:

Krell MD10 / Studio DAC
Project RPM9 Turntable / 9c Carbon Fibre Arm / Ortofon Rohmann
Sony JA30ES Minidisc Recorder
Pioneer PRD04 CD Recorder
2 x Teac v6030s 3-Head cassette decks
Sony D-777 Am/FM/DAB Tuner


Audiolab 8000Q Pre-Amp
2 x Tube Technology Genesis Monoblock Amplifiers with Gold Aero E34Ls
2 x Rotel RB970s running as Bridged Monoblocks (Solid State amps)
Esoteric Audio Research EAR834p Phono Stage (Tube with ECC82s)
Parasound P/PH100 Phono Stage
Theta Time Linque Conditioner (TLC Jitter Unit)


ProAc Response 1SC w/ Target R4 stands
Spendor SP3/1 'BBC' style monitors
Quad 77-10Ls
Kef Q15.2

Interconnects / Spkr cables:

Nordost Red Dawn
Chord Chorus
Van den Hul D103 II Hybrid
Sonic Link Silver Pink
Audioquest Jade
Cable Talk Monitor 1s
Monster Interlink 100s

Mountain Snow Atlas SPDIF
Chord Prodac Toslink
Monster Lightspeed 200 Toslink

Iso-tek Premium mains cables w/ Merinco 320 IECs

QED Silver 12 Bi-Wire speaker cables with Arcam bananas
QED Genesis Silver Spiral speaker cable with WBT spades
Ixos 6003 Speaker cable with cheapo bananas


Stax Lambda Nova Electrostatic 'Earspeakers'
Senn HD600
Senn HD580
Senn HD470
Senn HD25
Senn MX200
Beyer DT531
Grado SR60
Senn MX500
Stax SR-001

Electrostats have oiwn driver units. Non-portable phones run via a Sugden Headmaster. No portables amps currently worthy of mention here.

HT Rig:

LG 28" 16:9 TV with integrated sat receiver
Pioneer DV717 (Multi Region and macrovision disabled)
Sony SE700 4-head VHS VCR
Philips 880 DVD recorder
Acoustic Energy Aego P5 sub/sat system (DD and DTS compat.)


Sony DE-J955 PCDP
Panasonic SL-CT790 PCDP
Sony MZR900 MD Recorder
Sony MZR30 MD Recorder
Sony D-33 PCDP
Sony D-141 PCDP
Sony D-190 PCDP

Musical tastes:

A great deal of Blues, Jazz, Folk and most roots music. A heart diet of Bluegrass and Western Swing. Rock music when the mood takes me and pretty much all singer/songwriter stuff. 70s Electronic stuff ala Floyd/Parsons. Some weird **** from such as Frank Zappa and Tom Waits. Occasionally I go mad and listen to MTV / VH1 on the HT System.

Pretty much all the system is a keeper. Spent past few years and much bucks building up my perfect system.

Hehehe one extra that live in my listening room is my mini-cooler. Just room enough inside for 2 Six packs of beer. And a bottle of Jim Beam lives nearby as well.

Sound As Ever
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Main Headphone Rig
Cambridge D500SE CD
Melos SHA-1
Hd600/Cardas or RS2

Portable Rig1
Pana 570
Ety 4P's

Potrable Rig2
JMT Penguin
Ety 4P's

Portable Rig3
Ety 4P's

Home Speaker Rig
B&K AV5000 II AMp
B&K Ref 10 Pre
Sony DVP-7000 DVD
B&W P5 Speakers
B&W Center and surround speakers
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