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See attached illustration...
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hey, I had to do the same diaphragm crease fixy thing with my old KSC-35's.

Judicator: I too would like to hear how you opened your grados. I've tried everything from screw drivers to boiling water (talk to Skippy) and nothing has worked.

Apheared: shut up!

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an easy way to fix diaphram wrinkles is to use masking tape. place the tape over the wrinke and pull it off. aside from diaphram wrinkles, there are other causes for grattle which seem to be much more destructive.
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that boiling water method has worked like charm for me, and it's much easier than strap's brute force method.
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Opening Method

Alrighty... To get my cans open, I bent 2 nails into a portion of the circle, and then placed the headphone (minus pad, of course) in my vice and used a pair of pliers to open up the nals, and subsequently push open the Grados. Maybe not the **best** possible method, but it worked, and didn't cause much/any damage. Before trying that I had pried on them with screwdrivers, and all sorts of other things, but the nail method was what finally worked.

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